Drivers from Overseas

Driving test pass in Peterborough

Leonard from Brazil

Leonard Fonseca De Souza from Peterborough (shown here) joins the growing group of drivers from overseas who have been successful in obtaining their UK driving licence

Leonard is from Sao Paulo in Brazil and is used to observing drivers from overseas, he says “Where I am from, you don’t have the calm and politeness that you do here in the UK.  It’s a very nice place to drive here.”  Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM) was Leonard’s Driving Instructor and says:

“Leonard drove to a high standard this morning.  He should be congratulated for committing just the one driving fault in his 38 minute driving test in Peterborough.  BIG TOM has plenty of experience of assisting drivers from overseas including Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and USA.  Over the years we have built a no-nonsense reputation of assisting overseas drivers obtain their UK driving licence without unnecessary delay.”

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