Intensive Driving Course Grantham Self-Awareness

This BIG TOM blog assists customers on our intensive driving course Grantham (01476 850 050 ) to appreciate the need to raise self-awareness of how well they are driving.

We know that our customers want their driving licence fast so that they can get on with their busy lives. But, take a few minutes to watch this video. Whilst it will be very relevant to our customers on our popular intensive driving course Grantham, you will see that the example of tailgating has nothing to do with being a learner.

It is very common, and quite understandable for drivers to become complacent with their standard of driving, and be oblivious to how they are affecting other road users around them. Naturally, we tend to be concerned with things within our immediate “bubble”, in this case shown, the driver in front is driving with the blinkers on – not adapting to changing driving conditions. In the example shown, there was a near miss, but, nothing terrible happens, no horrendous consequences to deal with…. on this occasion.

You might have your awareness of the need for effective observations whilst you are learning to drive, as your driving instructor might be mentioning the subject to you while you learn to drive, asking you questions and the topic will be constantly cropping up. But what happens after you pass your driving test? Will you be willing and able to pick up clues that there is a problem with your driving? It can come in many forms: comments from a passenger in your car, another driver angry with you, being involved in an accident, picking up a fine for a driving offence.

In the example shown above, which by the way is a typical journey you will doing on your intensive driving course in Grantham, you will see a driver who does not adapt his/her driving to the changing conditions. The distance between their car and the car in front of them is much too close. Do you think that driver is deliberately tailgating? Do you think they are even aware of it? Will that driver know what can be the consequences of tailgating? Whose lives are being put at risk by this driver having no self-awareness?

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