Success breeds Success

A Winning Formula

The age-old adage of “success breeds success” is in the forefront of the minds at BIG TOM Driving School.  When mentioned in the context of a learning environment within a driving school, it can be demonstrated in many ways.  Key personnel in the organisation are focussed on the goal of achieving success and this naturally filters through to BIG TOM Driving Instructors and customers.

The owner of BIG TOM Driving School, Tom Ingram says:

“Nothing gets me more excited as when my customers and instructors have success.  I have found over the years of running this school that when there are clear goals at all stages of learning to drive, and the focus is on achieving them, the success just comes.  It literally just comes naturally as a by-product of all the efforts by everyone.”

One of the key differences with the operation of BIG TOM Driving School is that it treats every single person as an individual, recognising how previous experiences affect learning, and how this point is so inter-related to confidence.  The building of relationships between instructors and customers that are based around trust, understanding and effective communication are an essential ingredient to the school that continues to grow in popularity.

The school has been running since 2009 and caters for learners taking driving tests in Peterborough, Lincoln, Spalding, Stamford, Grantham and Boston.  Customers get to choose between traditional pay as you go driving lessons, or the popular BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course.  Tom Ingram continues:

“I’m afraid we hear far too often when there is a mis-match in expectations between a driving school and their customer; inevitably this causes ill-feeling, frustration and a thoroughly miserable 1:1 learning environment.  My school has obtained over the years many authentic comments from previous customers that confirm the fact that the learning is undertaken in a stress-free, enjoyable manner, where our customer feels in control and safe.”

New instructors at BIG TOM Driving School are achieving incredibly high personal standards of driving, and generating substantial revenue from the reputation of an established and reliable driving school.   Mike Jones who recently passed his driving instructors Part 2 driving test with 0 faults is keen to start with BIG TOM.  He is no stranger himself to investing in effective training for female rugby players and recently contributed to a BIG TOM driving video about what makes a good driver with the following mnemonic for what a “Classs driver” thinks about:

C – Consider the car

L – Limitations: know and understand your limitations and development areas.

A – Appreciate what your passengers are experiencing

S – Swerve……..Don’t want anyone to do any of this as a result of my driving

S – Stop  ……..Don’t want anyone to do any of this as a result of my driving

S – Slow ……..Don’t want anyone to do any of this as a result of my driving

S- Swear ……..Don’t want anyone to do any of this as a result of my driving


Tom Ingram continues

“When you have driving instructors with creativity, confidence, competence and calmness you know that the learning environment for their pupils is going to be effective.  It is a sad fact that Learners can waste much time and money within learning environments that do not create much learning.  The reason why this driving school continues to grow in popularity is precisely because it provides an opportunity for a pupil to learn at a pace that suits their individual needs.”

If you think that you have much to offer Learner drivers, then BIG TOM would be keen to hear from you.  Training can be provided for new driving instructors but applications are welcome from qualified instructors.



BIG TOM Driving School provides 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Peterborough, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford, Stamford, Boston, Spalding and Bourne.  Contact us HERE


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