Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 01/08/15

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  • Bourne Police are appealing to young drivers and motorcyclists in the area to show some consideration for residents after many complaints have been received of excessive exhaust noise while speeding around the town at night and into the early hours. Non-urgent complaints to local Police via http://www.facebook.com/bournenpt
  • A very nasty accident involving a cyclist and a red Peugeot at Norman Cross, Peterborough on 23/7/15 at 20.45hrs – witnesses being sought.
  • A 38 yr old male driver from Bourne was convicted for failing to give driver identification and fined £690 and received 6 points on his driving licence.
  • New LED reactive warning signs are being proposed for Grantham’s low bridges after 27 incidents of lorries hitting the bridges in the last 8 months! The high tech idea works by automatically measuring the height of lorries as they approach and giving the drivers a well advanced warning prior to them even getting near the bridge.
  • At a Morton and Hanthorpe Parish Council meeting Councillors have voted NOT to support the traffic light suggestion at the crossroads junction – as previously reported in this blog https://www.bigtom.org.uk/driving-school-in-bourne-weekly-update-25715/ The financial cost and possible traffic congestion is being given as the reason for the rejection, and instead they are now exploring the possibility of a pedestrian crossing to the north of the crossroads.
  • Brook Street car park in Peterborough will be closed for 2 weeks from 3/8/15.
  • A 67 yr old female driver from Spalding convicted of drink driving received £295 fine and disqualified for 4 years.
  • Further fatalities occurred on A14. The area around Spittals interchange continues to cause many serious problems.
  • Residents of Kedleston Road in Grantham are still suffering with unfinished road surfaces a full 8 years after it was constructed. Complaints have been lodged with the developer concerned Taylor Wimpey for many years. A local councillor who experienced similar issues on the Sunningdale Estate, found that evoking a clause of the S38 agreement under the Highways Act 1980 to the developers concerned (Persimmon Homes) proved to be a very effective means of getting action.
  • Chief Exec of Peterborough based “Marmalade”, an insurance provider specifically for young drivers, has been nominated for an Entrepreneur of the Year award on 10/11/15. He says “We have reduced the risk of our customers being involved in an accident by almost 70% compared to the national average”.
  • Animal welfare charity RSPCA warns that the temperature in a car can rise to 47 degrees even when the outside temperature is as little as 22 degrees; and warn all dog owners to not leave their pets in vehicles.
  • An 86 yr old male driver from Cowbit was convicted of driving without due care and attention and received £180 fines and 6 points on his driving licence.
  • Resurfacing work on the A17 between Holbeach and Long Sutton has caused complaints due to creating very hazardous driving conditions when driving through “fog and mess”. Lincolnshire County Council stated that excessive dust was being created as a result of HGV’s using the newly surfaced road and many of them not keeping to the 20mph speed limit.