BIG TOM announces key pledge to broaden driving training

The Road Safety Statement 2019 details a commitment from the DVSA to broaden the range of driving training that learners experience before taking driving tests.  They have identified three key objectives on their campaign: rural roads, independent driving and driving in the dark.  BIG TOM is proud to commit to these pledges and today announces a firm guarantee to customers.

Owner of BIG TOM, Tom Ingram says:

“My driving school is always happy to adapt to change in the interest of raising standards.  We have shown that we can respond to customer requests and also work aligned to our governing body the DVSA.  Today, my school guarantees to all customers of our popular 40+ hour intensive driving courses that they will be offered driving in the dark as part of their training.  This is a firm commitment which will be guaranteed, and is with immediate effect of any subsequent bookings of the BIG TOM two week intensive driving course.”

The three pledges from the DVSA include spending 2 or more hours training on rural roads, which BIG TOM already delivers on.  It ensures learners have practised more than 4 hours on independent driving which again, BIG TOM already guarantees as standard on the 40+ hour courses.  And the last pledge is for some time to have been spent driving in the dark.  This is where BIG TOM customers will now be offered the opportunity to include in their BIG TOM Driving Success Programme© driving in the dark.


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