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Big Tom Driving School specialises in intensive driving courses in Sleaford and surrounding areas.

Looking for pay as you go driving lessons?  Call the bookings line 07498364211 to get driving now.

“I am very pleased with my 5 Day intensive driving course.  Tom is an excellent instructor who gives clear instructions and is honest with all of my abilities in the car”.  Elliot Flynn from Ruskington

We have helped residents at RAF Cranwell to achieve their goals.  BIG TOM has a long history of assisting military staff learn to drive.  We have even made use  of Lincoln driving test centre in the past, for people in and around Sleaford.

“This was a great way to learn how to drive. Tom gave me some brilliant resources to look at prior to my 5 day intensive course. Before starting my lessons, I had no driving experience in a car and by the end of the week, i passed my test first time. He was patient, friendly, helpful and very encouraging. He gave me all the advise and confidence I needed. I highly recommend BIG TOM intensive driving course to anyone whose looking to pass their test.” Sam Smith from Sleaford

Click here to see how BIG TOM helped Abbie from Ruskington pass her test in just 5 days despite failing it with other driving schools 6 times!

BIG TOM offers customers choice about how they like to learn.  We make learning easier.  There are out value packed intensive driving courses that have got lots of support, resources and services provided in one package.  Alternatively, for those who like to take their time, we also offer pay as you go driving lessons.  Sleaford is a good place to learn to drive because it has Grantham, Spalding and Cranwell nearby which gives customers plenty of experience of driving in different driving conditions.

“Absolutely fantastic driving school, I booked the 5 day intensive course on which I gained alot of experience and knowledge on how to drive. Took my test today first attempt and passed with only 2 minors and this proves how brilliantly effective Bigtom’s driving school is. Thank-you to Tom and Tara who helped me to pass my test quickly. I highly highly recommended to everyone that wants to learn to drive. Thanks once again”  Darrell Constantine from Sleaford

Living in Sleaford is a great place to learn to drive, there is so much variety of driving conditions within reach of the town. We have over 80 customer reviews across all our channels which show it is possible to get great value driving lessons in Sleaford with BIG TOM. Call us NOW to discuss your intensive driving course in Sleaford 07498364211

Our customers need to learn safely, and we are a responsible training provider. See our BIG TOM blog for how we incorporate COVID-19 protocols into our service to minimise risk.  Job changes, non-UK driving licences, going to Uni, moving house, skilling up at work – we get results, we have a proven track record of happy and successful customers. The beauty of the BIG TOM course is that we come to you!  Pick up and drop off at your home with our Home Collection Service. Our course includes two practical test fees and use of the driving school car for the test – we also handle all the awkward side of test bookings on your behalf.

You could pass your driving test in 5 days just like Scott Dunn from Sleaford

Tom (Owner of BIG TOM) says “I’m pleased to welcome all Learners from Sleaford and very much look forward to joining up with you. We have proven ability to assist residents from Sleaford with particular needs to do with getting their driving licence fast for either their family or work life.  We work very hard to make learning easy.”

BIG TOM operates an effective test booking service on behalf of intensive course customers, to ensure that when the time is right, delays between the training and the driving test are kept to a minimum – should there be a hold up at the test centre we provide a free two hour refresher.  A browse through the BIG TOM blog will show examples of pupils who have received excellent service from their BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course.  This driving school in Sleaford makes use of the driving test centres in Lincoln, Grantham and Boston and offers customers the option of where they go to test and there is flexibility of the start times of the course to reflect the busy schedules of BIG TOM customers.

Such is the good reputation that BIG TOM has developed over the years, customers are prepared to travel to us from afar; as this customer video shows, even as far away as London.

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