Learning to Drive – FAQ’s

Are you still able to provide ultra-quick driving tests?

Yes we are! Read here how James recently managed to get his full driving licence just 17 days after booking his intensive course!

Can you tell me about your all-inclusive deal?

It takes the stress out of learning to drive.  We have the complete package of benefits.  Everything is aimed at helping you to learn to drive quicker, so you can pass your test quicker.

I’m not sure if an intensive course is right for me?

Don’t panic! We offer an entirely unbiased assessment of which way is best for you to learn, intensive vs pay as you go.  Do remember, we have provided pay as you go driving lessons as well as intensive courses for 12 years now, so we have absolutely no reason to put you on the wrong track.  This will be the most prudent £25 you will spend in a long time. CLICK HERE

 What Covid protections do you do?

When it comes to mitigating risk for the in-car driving training, we have developed our BIG TOM Covid-19 Driving Training Strategy and it is under constant review. 

How are you different to others, why choose you?

We like to make learning easy by creating the renowned BIG TOM Driving Success Programme.©  

Customers can relax knowing everything is getting sorted out for them.

If you are busy, you will love our options to practice.  You choose when YOU want to drive.  Daytime, evening or weekend.

Tom Ingram (Owner) is qualified to FAA Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.

Want to practice driving in the dark?  We can do that for you.

All of our training techniques have your mental wellbeing as a priority.  


Do you guarantee a pass?

For the period of the DVSA Driving Test Data Report (30/09/2020 – 30/09/2021) Tom Ingram has a driving test pass rate exceeding the national average of driving instructors.  Our driving test pass rate from 01/10/21 onwards is currently 80%

Even if you fail on your first driving test attempt, your second attempt is free on us.  

Quality training will help you prepare properly for the test and you will get your driving licence quicker.


What’s included in your Intensive Driving Course?

All of our resources including our exclusive driving videos saves you at least 10 hours of your time.  

Relax knowing that you have got 100% support to help you learn to drive and pass your test quicker.


Do I have to pass my theory test before doing the intensive course?

It makes sense to, because we want to get your practical test booking in the diary URGENTLY.


 Is a Big Tom Intensive Driving Course enjoyable?

Customers enjoy the pace at which they learn.  They go to test much quicker than the average of 7 months* with pay as you go driving lessons. [*Source:- DVSA]

Tom Ingram completed the Pearson BTEC Level 4 Award in Coaching for Driver Development in December 2016 and makes every effort to create a client-centred learning environment.  This means that he is able to adapt the teaching style to suit the particular needs/desire of the pupil which leads to a more enjoyable learning experience.


Is it ok to cancel driving sessions?

Cancellations create delays, and delays mean you don’t get your licence so quickly.  

We get results for our customers by organising things in advance.

If you want to cancel driving lessons – book “pay as you go” lessons with a driving instructor who doesn’t mind cancellations.


Why are your courses better value than others?

Our prices include THREE tests!  If you don’t need the theory (already passed) we automatically discount the price.

The value comes in the progress that you learn. 

You want to learn fast?  WE CAN HELP YOU!


 Do you provide driving lessons outside of your Intensive Driving Courses?

Yes we do, but such is the demand, only for Bourne residents.  When this changes, we will be sure to update our communication channels.  Driving slots are available Mon-Fri 6am-9pm @ £46/hr.  We also provide weekend driving training on a pay as you go basis @ £54/hr.  Test bookings are made by the customer.  


Do you guarantee that I will go to test on the last day of the course?

We make a provisional practical test booking on your behalf.  All of our training resources have the goal of helping you achieve that objective.

But we do not compromise on safety.  If you are not ready to take a test, we will help you until you are – guaranteed.  But you can see here with Kyle, Alastair, and Sarah we have demonstrated repeatedly that, putting lockdowns to one side, our customers regularly get their driving licence within days of completing their intensive course.

How long does it take to learn to drive?

  DVSA research  from 18/7/17 states that on average pupils took 40 hours of training with driving instructors and 19 hours of private practice over a period of 7 months to pass their driving test – this is independent research.  Further DVSA research from 19/7/19 states those figures as 39 hours and 21 hours respectively.  We will confirm when you are ready to be driving independently.


What hours are the courses?

It is your choice!  Do you want every day or spread over days?

Work alongside your commitments.

Typically 3-4 hour sessions, maximises the progress made which means you get your licence quicker.


Do you do buy now pay later?

Yes, we have this option available for customers who wish to spread the cost of their course after they have done their training.  Our bespoke intensive courses range from £1100 – £2200 and our “pay later” provisions can be used on all price ranges.  BIG TOM is an introducer appointed representative regulated by the FCA of Switcha Ltd,  not a lender.  We also are able to process credit card payments.


Any other questions?

Email our Customer Support on admin@BIGTOM.org.uk Sales: 01928 508 833

Feel free to use our CONTACT page – we take care of your personal data, see our Privacy Policy

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