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Learning to Drive – FAQ’s

  •  How are you different to others, why choose you?

We offer the opportunity to get your driving licence really quickly.  We respond to customers very quickly. The intensive driving courses in Peterborough, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford, Boston, Stamford and Spalding offer morning, afternoon or evening sessions or weekends. You are picked up and dropped off at work or home for your convenience. We have not had a single accident since we were established in 2009. Tom Ingram (Owner) is qualified to FAA Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.  On our flagship two-week intensive driving course, you are GUARANTEED to be offered the opportunity of practising to drive in the dark – ANY TIME OF YEAR.

  •  Do you guarantee a pass?

This driving school will happily accept customers with a wide variety of previous experience.  Absolute beginners are welcome.  We do not limit learning to the test routes.  Our Customer Charter clearly shows you what we guarantee.

  •  What’s included in your Intensive Driving Course?

The 5 Day Intensive Driving Course, the driving test fee, booking of the test for you, 2 hours use of the driving school car for test day, theory study and pre-course digital resources and access to our exclusive driving videos for Learners.  Right now we are also discounting the price of the theory test fee too!  You also are given access to our exclusive BIG TOM in-car training resources which develop habits, routines, attitudes and approaches to practice that improve road safety and driver confidence.  Read our customer reviews that demonstrate the benefit of the approach taken by BIG TOM.

  • Do I have to pass my theory test before doing the intensive course?

Here at BIG TOM you are advised to yes because it makes very good logical sense to be able to apply this new knowledge in practical driving situations on the course. But it should be said that it is not a legal requirement, so there is nothing to stop customers from attending the course with the theory test still to be taken.  One practical consideration is to make the learning process as stress-free as possible so achieving your theory test pass prior to doing the driving training does take some pressure off.  Customers should note that the DVSA test booking process makes it impossible to book driving tests without the theory test being passed.

  •  Is a Big Tom Intensive Driving Course enjoyable?

We adopt a pupil-centred approach to learning to drive so that our customers are at the centre of the learning experience. The service provided is structured to the DVSA driving standards.  We encourage all of our customers to maximise their learning experience by careful consideration of the most appropriate BIG TOM intensive driving course for their particular needs.

  • Is it ok to cancel driving sessions?

We have successfully traded with this cancellation policy for several years now, and it works perfectly well, ultimately because our customers gain the knowledge and trust that we are running a customer-oriented business, we do not cancel sessions, and what goes in the diary actually happens. When our customers realise this, they realise we are running a business that gets results and delivers.  When you attend on Day 1 of your course, do ensure that your eyesight is legal to drive, and you are in physical possession of your provisional driving licence and you are medically fit to drive.

  • Why are your courses better value than others?

We have a selection of course packages for differing needs so our customers can choose the perfect structure of training for their needs.

  •  Do you provide driving lessons outside of your Intensive Driving Courses?

Only for customers who have taken the BIG TOM intensive driving course.  Whilst we have provided “pay as you go” driving lessons in the past, right now, our intensive driving courses are so popular that we have had to discontinue providing the old fashioned way of learning to drive by “pay as you go”.  If any of our customers are not confident or competent to take the driving test after the intensive driving course, any other scheduled training can be booked from 6am start up to 9pm Monday to Friday.  We do however recommend that absolute beginners make use of our discounted 2 weeker intensive courses.

  • Do you guarantee that I will go to test on the last day of the course?

Assessments are made of your progress on Day 3 and Day 5 – however, we have pupils come on our Intensive Driving Courses with a wide range of experience and ability.  To see how quickly you can learn to drive, check out our helpful guide here  This is an accelerated learning programme, so customers are encouraged to continue with making positive progress if they do need more assistance after Day 5.  The service being offered is a complete, overall package, it is not broken down into separate sections with their own fee structures.  We are a responsible provider of driving training and work to the DVSA Driving Standard – you will be encouraged to take responsibility for the effectiveness of your time with us – we do not “coach” learners to pass driving tests.   DVSA research  from 18/7/17 states that on average pupils took 40 hours of training with driving instructors and 19 hours of private practice over a period of 7 months to pass their driving test – this is independent research.  Further DVSA research from 19/7/19 states those figures as 39 hours and 21 hours respectively.

  • What hours are the courses?

The Monday to Friday BIG TOM intensive courses are 4 hour duration and can be fitted to suit your commitments eg 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm (£897)

The evening course runs 6pm-9pm with the remaining 5 hours undertaken on the Saturday or Sunday – this is a useful course for customers who cannot train during the working day. (£997)

The weekend course is a minimum of 4 hours per session, but previous customers have made use of the flexible approach we take to help them. For instance, some customers have trained from 9am-12pm, taken an hour lunch break at home, and then 1pm-4pm.  Some customers like to train on both days of the weekend. (£1097)

Contact BIG TOM Admin for prices on the 2 week combinations available.

  • Do you take card payments?

Due to lack of customer demand, not anymore.  The vast majority of our customers use free online banking to reserve courses and BIG TOM Driving School always provide handwritten receipts for payments received.

  • Any other questions?

Email our Customer Support on admin@BIGTOM.org.uk Sales: 0775 607 1464

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