Learning to Drive – FAQ’s

Are you still able to provide driving tests?

Yes we are!  It clearly helps greatly if our customer is willing to be flexible as to where they take their driving test, but we work very hard on behalf of our customers to source driving tests.  We do not have a single intensive course customer with theory passed who does not already have a practical test booked for them.

Can you tell me about your all-inclusive deal?

We have the complete package of benefits.  We provide you with two driving test fees as standard, we have a home collection service.  You are delivered with resources that will surprise and delight.  Your safety is our number one priority.  Our intensive driving courses do not compromise on safety.

I’m not sure if an intensive course is right for me?

You will not be alone, this is an important question to consider.  We offer an entirely unbiased assessment of which way is best for you to learn, intensive vs pay as you go.  Do remember, we have provided pay as you go driving lessons as well as intensive courses for 12 years now, so we have absolutely no reason to put you on the wrong track.  This will be the most prudent £25 you will spend in a long time. CLICK HERE

 What Covid protections do you do?

When it comes to mitigating risk for the in-car driving training, we have developed our BIG TOM Covid-19 Driving Training Strategy and it has proven to be 100% successful since we started it last year.  There are automatic twice-weekly Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Tests for the BIG TOM driving instructor.

How are you different to others, why choose you?

We like to make learning easy by creating the renowned BIG TOM Driving Success Programme.©  Our Admin work hard on behalf of our customers so they can relax knowing that the virus issues and test bookings are being sorted for them in the background.  Flexibility is the big difference with us.  We offer customers choices of how they learn to drive, the option of turning the whole process around quicker, and superb value for money.

We respond to customers fast. The intensive driving courses in Peterborough, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford, Boston, Stamford and Spalding offer morning, afternoon or evening sessions or weekends. You are picked up and dropped off at work or home for your convenience.  Tom Ingram (Owner) is qualified to FAA Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.  On our flagship two-week intensive driving course, you are GUARANTEED to be offered the opportunity of practising to drive in the dark – ANY TIME OF YEAR.


Do you guarantee a pass?

Even if you fail on your first driving test attempt, your second attempt is free on us.  This driving school will happily accept customers with a wide variety of previous experience.  Absolute beginners are welcome.  We do not limit learning to the test routes only.  Our Customer Charter clearly shows you what we guarantee.


What’s included in your Intensive Driving Course?

The Intensive Driving Course, the test fees, booking of the tests for you, a bonus 2 hours use of the driving school car for test day, theory study and pre-course digital resources and access to our exclusive driving videos which saves at least 10 hours of your time.  Our all-inclusive deal means you can concentrate on driving while we sort everything else.  You also are given access to our exclusive BIG TOM in-car training resources which develop habits, routines, attitudes and approaches to practice that improve road safety and driver confidence.  Included in your driving pack is the DVSA “Learning to drive” book.  Read our customer reviews that demonstrate the benefit of the approach taken by BIG TOM.  You get free drinks for the in-car driving training, free DVSA publications, picked up/dropped off from home.  Our flagship 40-hour intensive driving course for beginners comes with a whopping 10% discount.


Do I have to pass my theory test before doing the intensive course?

It makes very good logical sense to be able to apply this new knowledge in practical driving situations while you are on the in-car training. But it should be said that it is not a legal requirement, so there is nothing to stop customers from attending the course with the theory test still to be taken.  We have some superb resources to help you learn the theory including unlimited 1:1 remote support DVSA study resources.  One practical consideration is to make the learning process as stress-free as possible so achieving your theory test pass prior to doing the driving training does take some pressure off.  Customers should note that the DVSA test booking process makes it impossible to book driving tests without the theory test being passed.


 Is a Big Tom Intensive Driving Course enjoyable?

We adopt a pupil-centred approach to learning to drive so that our customers are at the centre of the learning experience.  No slow-paced driving lessons here.  But if you don’t know if you will prefer the quicker pace do make use of our “learning preferences” assessment.  You have a goal and we help you achieve it in the way that suits you best. The service provided is structured to the DVSA driving standards.  We encourage all of our customers to maximise their learning experience by careful consideration of the most appropriate BIG TOM intensive driving course for their particular needs.


Is it ok to cancel driving sessions?

We have successfully traded with this cancellation policy for several years now, and it works perfectly well, ultimately because our customers gain the knowledge and trust that we are running a customer-oriented business, we do not cancel sessions, and what goes in the diary actually happens. When our customers realise this, they realise we are running a business that gets results and delivers.  There is an important addition to our cancellation policy regarding our BIG TOM Driving School COVID-19 Driving Training Strategy.  If instructor or pupil needs to cancel due to increased risk factors, the session(s) will be re-scheduled (no refunds).


Why are your courses better value than others?

Our prices include THREE tests!  The theory test and two practical test fees.  As far as we are concerned, the taking of tests is an integral part of gaining your full driving licence and it would be unprofessional to display intensive course prices that do not include test fees.  In addition, our courses are flexible and we help to make learning easy.  We have a selection of course packages for differing needs so our customers can choose the perfect structure of training for their needs. Not only can you select a bespoke course that suits your timing schedule but we eliminate waste by setting the length of the course to suit your needs.  There is flexibility with starting times, customers can switch between weekday morning, afternoon, evening or weekend sessions.  We develop driving skills for life-long safe and confident driving – not ONLY to pass a driving test.  We are confident in our standards of training, we don’t ask our customers to pay MORE for their training in case they fail the driving test.


 Do you provide driving lessons outside of your Intensive Driving Courses?

Yes we do, but such is the demand, only for Bourne residents.  When this changes, we will be sure to update our communication channels.  Driving slots are available Mon-Fri 6am-9pm @ £46/hr.  We also provide weekend driving training on a pay as you go basis @ £54/hr.  Test bookings are made by the customer.   You still get access to our superb teaching techniques that help to make learning easy.


Do you guarantee that I will go to test on the last day of the course?

We are a responsible provider of safe and long-lasting driving training, while we keenly measure the efficiency of our service, we don’t compromise on safety.  Assessments are made of your progress throughout the course – however, we have pupils come on our Intensive Driving Courses with a wide range of experience and ability.  To see how quickly you can learn to drive, check out our helpful guide here This is an accelerated learning programme, so customers are encouraged to continue with making positive progress if they do need more assistance after the last day, by purchasing “bolt-on” sessions.  The service being offered is a complete, overall package, it is not broken down into separate sections with their own fee structures.  We are a responsible provider of driving training and work to the DVSA Driving Standard – you will be encouraged to take responsibility for the effectiveness of your time with us – we do not “coach” learners to pass driving tests.   DVSA research  from 18/7/17 states that on average pupils took 40 hours of training with driving instructors and 19 hours of private practice over a period of 7 months to pass their driving test – this is independent research.  Further DVSA research from 19/7/19 states those figures as 39 hours and 21 hours respectively.  The safety of our customers is our number one priority.  Customers will only be presented for driving tests when they have attained the “test authorised” status.


What hours are the courses?

The start times are very flexible – we like to adapt to your commitments. Here are some of the more common courses that customers pick, but you are not bound by them at all.  Here are some typical intensive course prices:

The weekday BIG TOM intensive courses include all of our out-of-car resources to help you learn quicker and easier, as well as 4-hour driving slots and can be fitted to suit your diary eg 8am-12pm or 5-9pm or at weekends (from £1187 with THREE test fees included and we travel to you)

There is a 40-hour intensive course for beginners which comes with an automatic 10% discount and start at £2039 – these include unlimited theory study remote support

We can provide guidance to help you choose the exact course for your needs, depending on your previous driving experience (if any).


Do you do buy now pay later?

Yes, we have this option available for customers who wish to spread the cost of their course after they have done their training.  Our bespoke intensive courses range from £1100 – £2200 and our “pay later” provisions can be used on all price ranges.  BIG TOM is an introducer appointed representative regulated by the FCA of Switcha Ltd,  not a lender.  We also are able to process credit card payments.


Any other questions?

Email our Customer Support on admin@BIGTOM.org.uk Sales: 01928 508 833

Feel free to use our CONTACT page – we take care of your personal data, see our Privacy Policy

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