Five ways to add happiness to your driving lessons

 According to official DVSA records* it takes on average seven months to learn to drive. Seven months! Here are some of the essential differences in learning to drive on a BIG TOM intensive driving course compared to pay as you go driving lessons:

1. Fewer cancellations from instructors. Pupils get tired of learning to drive when it takes seven months; they lose motivation and focus. They do not need driving instructors cancelling driving lessons. The cancellations of the BIG TOM 5 day intensive driving course are virtually zero – this means you can rely on receiving 20 hours of driving training in 5 days….. GUARANTEED.
2. You learn more quickly on an intensive driving course. There is more continuity within the structure, so pupils recall details more efficiently and more frequently. Say goodbye to being told off from your driving instructor for not remembering something you did three months ago.
3. You can travel further in a 4-hour session than 4 x 1-hour sessions. Pupils can experience more varied driving conditions (often over county boundaries). Pupils tell us they enjoy the sessions more than their pay as you go driving lessons because it is more interesting, varied and stimulating.
4. You get to choose better locations to practice particular subjects. As you have more choices where to drive on a BIG TOM intensive course, you find that you are driving in the right places where there are successful outcomes.
5. It is easier to improve because the gaps between training are short. You will find yourself developing more naturally because you get to practice while you still remember what you did last time.

*TRL Published Project Report PPR828 Sec. 5.1


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