The DVSA has just released the very latest pass rates across the driving test centres in the UK.

Here are the statistics that apply to the driving test centres that BIG TOM currently uses

For December 2020:  Boston had a 53% pass rate, Grantham 56%, Lincoln 59%, Peterborough 50% and Melton Mowbray 60%.  In terms of the first attempt pass rates, this was the breakdown for 2019-2020:

Boston 51%, Grantham 48%, Lincoln 46%, Melton Mowbray 60% and Peterborough 45%.  This is why BIG TOM has our popular “Two test Guarantee” as standard for our intensive course customers.

For automatic driving tests, the statistics are:  Boston 54%, Grantham 47%, Lincoln 41%, Melton Mowbray 66% and Peterborough 41%.  Nationally, the overall pass rate in automatics over 2019-2020 was just 39.5%