Life changing driving test pass

Kyle Bennett from March passed his driving test this morning in Peterborough and recognises it is a life changer for him and his family.

Kyle (seen here with his new driving licence) started his BIG TOM 5 day intensive driving course on 22/5/17 and turned it all round in just 10 days..  Tom Ingram was his driving instructor and says of Kyle:

“What a great course this was for Kyle.  He really did embrace the idea of personalising his driving training to reflect his work needs (larger vehicles) as well as driving in his family car.  His journeys included Whittlesey, Marholm and Elton. This driving test pass that he has achieved today is a real life changing moment for him – it has massive positive implications in his life and I am so pleased for him.  It was a real pleasure to work with such a conscientious pupil towards road safety.”   

Kyle made particular use of the BIG TOM driving videos on roundabouts and recognised the value of them instantly.  It meant that he was able to be learning about the key skills of forward planning and assessment of hazards outside of the car.  BIG TOM wishes Kyle many years of safe driving at home and at work.


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