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Terms and Conditions

The following are the Terms & Conditions of BIG TOM Driving School.  Please ensure you continue to the end to see the additional terms associated with CoronaVirus 19. Reference to “BIG TOM Driving School” also includes any Approved Driving Instructor (and the driving school associated) working on behalf of BIG TOM Driving School. These Terms are sent out prior to the booking of any course, and by reserving a course with BIG TOM Driving School you are confirming receipt and acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:


BIG TOM Admin will book the first theory test only & the first two practical test attempts only (“Two test guarantee”).  No refund can be provided to customers who are unable to attend their theory/practical tests – for any reason.

When a customer is authorised as “test ready” by BIG TOM Driving School, the school will book and pay for the first driving test attempt (and if needed, the second driving test attempt) using the DVSA test booking service. No guarantee can be given of a precise date, but all effort is made to find a date/time that suits our customer’s schedule by using either Grantham, Peterborough, Lincoln, Boston or Melton Mowbray Test Centre.  An added service included is that on the first test attempt only, use of the driving school car for a bonus 2 hours maximum at no extra cost (see below for more details).  If Test Day requires more than 2 hours use of the driving school car (including travel time) this will be paid for separately.  In the event of a fail on the first attempt, BIG TOM will purchase another test attempt on behalf of the customer.  The use of the driving school for any test attempts beyond the first attempt, is payable at the rate of £30/hour.  No driving test fee refunds for customers who pass their driving test on the first attempt.  When a customer is authorised as “test ready” they have up to 30 days to make use of the “Two test guarantee” and bonus 2 hours for test day.  BIG TOM Driving School cannot be held financially responsible for customers who are unable to make use of these benefits within that period e.g. failing to pass the theory test, have holidays booked up, illness etc.  In the event that a customer wishes to take a driving test outside of the 30 day period, the test fee, use of driving school car, test booking service are all payable seperately (current pricing applies).


If a customer is assessed to be not ready to take the driving test for safety reasons on the last day of the intensive driving course (as assessed by BIG TOM Driving School), then the bonus 2 hours set aside for the driving test and the “Two test guarantee” will be held for that customer for a further 1 month from the date of completion of the initial course.  The “Two test guarantee” does not remain in place for customers who want to take driving tests independently of BIG TOM Driving School (including in their own, private vehicle).  An action plan detailing post course training will be created in conjunction with the customer, the timing of the post-course sessions to fall in line with the 30 day period is the responsibility of the customer, not BIG TOM Admin.  BIG TOM Driving School will not be held responsible for delays created as a result of lack of planning or availability from the customer.  In the event that a customer does NOT want to make use of the BIG TOM Driving School vehicle for a test, then the 2 hour bonus is not refundable, however, BIG TOM Driving School will happily book a driving test for a nominal date in the future which the customer can then handle the timing of depending on their progress. The “Two test guarantee” is only available for customers who exclusively use BIG TOM for their professional driving training.  Post-course training must be of a duration of 2 hr minimum sessions and are to be reserved by payment in advance in multiples of £30/hr (excludes weekends) and they are non-refundable in the event of being cancelled after being reserved. The action plan will include all the options a customer has available including no further training with BIG TOM Driving School.  After completing the intensive driving course a customer is under no obligation to continue training and the request for a driving test slot booking must be given in writing in the post-course action plan within 30 days of the last day of in-car training of the course or it will be lost; this includes not being able to book up a test within the 30 day period due to a customer having not passed the theory test.  In this situation, BIG TOM Driving School has no obligation to source a test slot for a given date or time, simply to book a test at the desired location and provide the booking reference to the customer for their own management.  Any consequences of a customer not creating a post-course action plan are not the responsibility of BIG TOM Driving School.


If a customer fails the driving test, they will be invited to create a post-test action plan and further training can be purchased in blocks of a minimum of 2 hrs in multiples of £30/hr (excludes weekends), with the same cancellation policy as detailed above. For attempts beyond two, the BIG TOM test booking service is £35.  There are two practical driving test fees provided within the price of the intensive driving course whether it be weekday or weekend – these are valid only when a customer remains with BIG TOM Driving School.  Use of the driving school car for the purpose of a second practical test attempt is charged seperately at £30/hr.  A customer has the right to choose to have no further involvement with BIG TOM Driving School having failed a test.  Requests for further test attempts and any additional training must be given in writing in the post-test action plan.  Once a pupil has been authorised as “test ready” BIG TOM Driving School places no restrictions on any number of test attempts however, due regard is given to the content of the post-test action plan and withholds the right to decline further involvement with a pupil.  Refunds are not available for non-use of the second driving test fee.


The BIG TOM 20 or 40 hour Intensive Driving Course fee will be invoiced to all customers. The course is reserved by way of online payment – comes with standard 14 day “cooling off” period.  All fees paid are accompanied with an invoice/receipt.  Payment of fees is by secure online internet banking, cash or cheque (receipts are provided).


Customers may make use of an extensive range of theory test study and digital resources at no extra charge.  It is a legal requirement to ensure the provisional licence is physically available for inspection on Day 1 of the course and that the eyesight check on Day 1 confirms the required standard for driving (the eyesight test used at driving test centres can be utilised should the need arise).  BIG TOM Driving School is not responsible for any lost training time due to issues relating to these Day 1 checks, and they are not seperately refundable.


If a customer is unable to take a pre-booked first driving test for any reason whatsoever, the first driving test fee and bonus 2 hour slot is then considered used and no longer available (excludes cancellation of test by DVSA or by BIG TOM Driving School). For any subsequent bookings, usage of the driving school car is charged at rates (as above).


Cancellation policy:
Once a driving course start date has been agreed and accepted between the customer and BIG TOM Driving School, and it has been paid for in full, the start date agreed can only be changed if more than 14 days notice is given from the original start date of the course – this is subject to availability for the proposed new start time. In the event that there is not an alternative date available OR less than 14 days notice is given, the entire course fee will be lost. Courses (or part of) are non-transferable to other people.


No refunds are given for any reason for cancelling sessions after the final payment is received. This includes any sickness, and also failing the eyesight test on Day 1 of the course. BIG TOM Driving School reserves the right to refuse use of the driving school in the event that the customer is considered unfit to drive through drink, drugs, medication, illness, trauma – any such cancellations are non-refundable.  The onus is on the customer to ensure the driving licence that is presented on Day 1 of the Intensive Driving Course is valid for driving a car at the time of the course..  Any endorsements on a licence must be disclosed to BIG TOM Driving School prior to Day 1 of the course, the driving school will not be held liable for any failure of a customer to notify of any endorsement points, fine(s) or ban(s).  Any lost in-car driving time for training or test due to any issue relating to non-disclosure of details on a driving licence is at the expense of the customer (including the test fee).


Any cancellations of sessions by BIG TOM Driving School are non-refundable and alternative sessions will be offered.
BIG TOM Driving cannot be held responsible for any loss of earnings encountered due to a driving test slot being lost due to mechanical breakdown of the driving school car.


Complaints: Refer to BIG TOM Customer Charter


*Bank Transfers & credit card payments to: BIG TOM Driving School (sort) 08-92-50 (acc) 68652542 BIG TOM Driving School is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) for the proper handling and management of personal data.

BIG TOM Driving School makes use of in-car video recording equipment primarily as a training aid which records audio and image content inside the car, and outside to the front and rear of the car.  In the event that any recorded footage may be of evidential value in the event of a “road traffic collision” or driving offence, notice is given here that it may be forwarded to Police.  Footage of video recordings for training purposes are published on the driving school training channel on YouTube under the name of “Tom Ingram”.  Unless a customer specifically declines permission to us, then by agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, and our Consent Form a customer is authorising use of video capture on the above YouTube channel and any social network channels under the sole control of Tom Ingram.  Should any customer subsequently withdraw that permission, BIG TOM Driving School will immediately without condition, remove that recorded footage from public view.  In the event that any footage is captured incidentally that an individual (non-customer) objects to either in a personal or business capacity, the objection should be put in writing for the attention of the Owner Mr Tom Ingram at the address given at the bottom of this page.  That objection will then be considered within 14 days of receipt of the notice, and if legal advice is sought, a further period of time may be notified to the complainant in order to properly consider the objection. In either case, within 14 days, a formal response will be forwarded to the complainant.  Tom Ingram is the owner of BIG TOM Driving School and is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).  Further information relating to Data Protection is contained within the “BIG TOM Data Protection Policy” of the “BIG TOM Operational Manual” which all staff/franchisees comply with.

BIG TOM promises:

  • to arrive on time
  • to provide alternative training for any hours that are cancelled (does NOT inc Practical Tests cancelled by the DVSA for any reason eg weather, strike action)
  • to comply fully with COVID-19 in-car precautions
  • to abide by the ADI Code of Practice

You agree to:

  • properly prepare for your accelerated learning course by using the Pre-Course Resources
  • respect the ‘no-smoking’ and ‘mobile phones off’ and ‘no eating’ policy while in the Driving School car
  • notify the BIG TOM Driving Instructor if you are unfit to train for any reason including COVID-19 Health Screening protocols
  • consider your personal hygiene while training in the Driving School car and be respectful to provide a tolerable working environment
  • consent to a photo/video of you and your Test Pass Certificate, and provide a formal review of your Course experience

PAY AS YOU GO Driving Lessons

BIG TOM provides ‘payg’ driving lessons Mon-Fri (6am-9pm) @ £42/hr.  Weekends @ £48/hr.  Sessions are paid for in advance online, after the pupil has replied to our health screening and pre-licence checks.  The pupil will be contacted before the session in line with our BIG TOM COVID-19 Protocols for risk assessment.  Training will not go ahead without these prior protocols being completed.  Cancellations due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19 for the pupil, their household members or the instructor will result in re-organising an alternative date/time – no refunds.  PAYG customers are responsible for the sourcing of theory/practical test slots.


The above conditions do still apply in addition to the following:

These are exceptional circumstances and no guarantee can be given or expected that DVSA test slots will be as freely available as pre-CoronaVirus.  For BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course customers: Should there be a delay between becoming ‘authorised for test’ and the test date of more than 21 days, the customer is eligible for a free two hour driving session prior to the test.  However, if a driving test slot is identified for a customer within the 21 days but is declined by the customer (for any reason) then these free two hours are considered spent and unavailable.

Customers will be contacted regularly regarding BIG TOM COVID 19 Protocols which include health screening for our Risk Assessment Framework Matrix, in-car training protocols, and update requests.  Please ensure you are aware of our Risk Waiver below.

If a pupil or instructor has concerns regarding CoronaVirus symptoms at any stage having agreed on the timing of a course, then the course can be immediately postponed to accommodate isolation/quarantine/shielding rules.  There must be an understanding that this could occur as much for the instructor as it could the pupil. For the safety of all concerned, it is essential that if anyone is subject to contact by an NHS Contact Tracer, or has family members affected in their household, that immediate full disclosure is given.  Refunds cannot be provided in these circumstances but subsequent dates for training will be arranged.  Cancellations for any other reasons fall into the category of the conditions listed in the main body of these Terms.

Pupil & Instructor must comply with any statutory in-car safeguards set in place by the government and/or DVSA.


BIG TOM Driving School is making every effort to mitigate risk while providing driving training by implementing our BIG TOM Driving School COVID-19 Driving Training Strategy.  This involves a comprehensive range of factors aimed at breaking the chain of infection.  Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any infection of customers at any time or any loss incurred by the late cancellation of driving tests due to a change of circumstances between pupil/instructor and infection, shielding, isolation.


Tom Ingram is the owner (Sole Trader) of “BIG TOM Driving School” 32 Broadlands Avenue, Bourne PE10 9BG Customer Support Line: 07498364211