quality_stampBIG TOM Driving School is committed to offering the best customer experience possible. The BIG TOM Driving Success Programme © which is unique to this driving school helps many pupils to achieve their goal of obtaining a full driving licence. Here is our Customer Charter:

  • Safety – the safety of our customers while training is our number one priority since BIG TOM Driving School was established in 2009.
  • All driving training personnel will have current DBS Enhanced Certificates.
  • We guarantee to offer ‘driving in darkness’ training to all BIG TOM customers who start training with us as beginners.
  • All driving instructors receive induction training and continued training on the BIG TOM Health & Safety Policy.
  • Current knowledge & skills – we endeavour to ensure our training content and methodology is kept right up to date so that our customers benefit from the very latest good practice in the industry including ensuring personnel are members of DIA, ADI NJC or MSA driving organisations, and all CPD undertaken is certified by a recognised authority.
  • Professionalism – we are a responsible training provider; we take care to enrol pupils on the correct training programme for their needs, to maximise successful outcomes.  We treat our paying customers with respect and dignity. All BIG TOM driving training personnel abide by the DVSA ADI Code of Conduct, and the Codes of Conduct associated with the previously mentioned driving organisations.
  • Complaints – We commit to responding to a customer complaint within 7 days of receipt of the complaint.  In the event of a complaint not being resolved internally to our customer’s satisfaction, we actively encourage informing the primary authority – the DVSA, who will independently investigate the complaint.
  • Insurance – BIG TOM Driving School is covered with motor insurance by a leading driving school specialist and has Public Liability cover for £20 million, and Professional Indemnity cover for £5 million, and vehicle recovery cover in the event of mechanical breakdown.
  • Loyalty rewarded – we endeavour to ensure our customers are taken care of for all their driving training needs from the initial theory study training up to and including any post-test needs.  This is why we offer a free second attempt at the driving test should you be unlucky on your first go.  Intensive course customers get a full package of benefits.
  • Individual care – all BIG TOM customers are encouraged to identify a learning environment that is effective & comfortable to their individual needs and a standard of driving ability that meets or exceeds their personal expectations.
  • Customer relations – our goal is to maximise the working relationship with our customers to offer excellent quality and value tuition. All of our Terms & Conditions are on public display at BIGTOM.org.uk/tscs so as to provide effective communication and expectations.
  • Data security – Our handling of sensitive customer information complies with the Data Protection Act (registered with the ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office).  See our Privacy Policy for reassurance of how we handle sensitive information.
  • Safeguarding – we treat pupils with respect and dignity in a professional and calm learning environment.  Tom Ingram has been awarded FAA Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.  In line with Section 6.4.2 of the DVSA Driving Standard, this franchise takes a positive stance in protecting pupils and driving instructors from the risk of violence in the learning environment whether that be aggressive/violent/threatening/abusive/bullying behaviour from the public or examiners.  We will not tolerate behaviours that affect the mental wellbeing of pupils and/or driving instructors.

This Charter represents our commitment to providing the best customer experience that we are able to offer within our means. If you ever feel that we have fallen short on our commitment, please email Tom Ingram on info@BIGTOM.org.uk and we guarantee to understand how you would like to have the issue resolved to your satisfaction within 7 days of the initial contact.