The BIG TOM Freedom Pass takes the strain out of learning to drive.

Gold and Platinum members are entitled to a range of privileges that make learning to drive a seamless process.  Our customers can achieve their goals in the setting that suits them best.

This service will appeal to customers requiring zero pressure on them regarding the number of hours they may need to practice. Discretion and privacy are guaranteed with the use of an unmarked driving school vehicle. We can provide a stress free environment where anxiety, special needs and emotional issues are accommodated, unconditionally. 

These courses have flexibility built in that create added options for customers who have very specific needs. The timing of the training is unrestricted as is where in the UK the driving training starts or ends. It is possible to arrange sessions that can accommodate many other needs so that convenience and luxury is maximised.  

Customer confidentiality is assured, and BIG TOM welcomes enquiries from all nationalities and ages.

Our exclusive service offers unrivalled quality and flexibility for an assured customer experience. Imagine a membership that offers you continuous access to exceptional benefits through the entire journey of learning to drive. Welcome to the BIG TOM Freedom Pass. 

Simply email “Freedom Pass” to