We make learning easier

BIG TOM has been making learning easier for customers since 2009.  It is what makes us tick.

This is what a few have said over the years:

He always had such positive things to say with the feedback.

…he has a wonderful ability to put you at ease and he really let me take control of my own learning

‘Will’ was at ease with you, he felt relaxed and liked the way you taught him.

Even when you make mistakes, BIG TOM remains very calm, cool and collected, which made the experience very comfortable for me as a pupil.

I’ve had many driving instructions over the years and I can safely say that Tom is the best I’ve found.

He created an engaging, student-led learning environment in which I felt comfortable talking about any problems openly and guided the direction of the sessions to best address my needs.

I can promise you if he can help you he will.

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