Bespoke driving training for b2b

This blog is aimed at Human Resources personnel and business owners who have urgent need to train up employee(s) to pass the car (category B) driving test. It will describe the benefits that can be delivered on the BIG TOM Intensive Driving Courses for business customers when training up employees to learn to drive.*

  • Duration: The duration of the sessions can be tailor made to fit in to the business hours eg 9-5 with a lunch break in between, 4 hour morning sessions, variable durations split over different days, it is even possible to have training arranged on night duty shifts.
  • All-inclusive package: The course can be set up with no pre-determined end date. So rather than stressing an employee that they must be ready by a specific date because that is all the training they will be provided with, a course can keep running until the time is right to go to test. This can also include attempts at the driving test – whilst every effort is made to secure a first time pass, it can be very effective for some employer/employee relationships to remove that pressure by removing that “expectation”.
  • Hassle free: This one is not to be under-estimated. From payment terms, to administration, to learning resources it is all covered to have the minimal impact on the running of our customers business. It is set up so that there is not a need for a repeated and irritating exchange of phone calls or emails to the business.
  • Risk free: The employer and the employee(s) are offered the opportunity for the driving school to attend the business premises for a no-obligation, informal visit, to allow relevant personnel to meet each other face to face, and even for the employee to take a look at the car they will train in. No contract, no obligation, and entirely no risk involved.
  • Fast response: One of the absolute key benefits that our business customer feedback confirms is the speed of response that BIG TOM can provide. Whether it be a very quick start to the course after the initial contact, or quick responses to questions, or even a fast turn round to have the employee pass the driving test; the fast response that business customers receive is very important because they have their own organisational needs in mind.

Of course, the business needs differ between our customers, so the benefits above can be tailored to suit. It is this flexibility that makes our service a winning formula. B2b customers want effective communication, reliability, and a driving course that can be adapted to fit the schedule and demands of the business.

BIG TOM Driving School provides intensive driving courses for b2b customers in and around Grantham, Sleaford, Stamford, Spalding, Lincoln, Peterborough and Bourne.

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*DVSA Roles 1-5 of National Standard for Category B & DVSA Car and Light Van Driving Syllabus. Training provided to DVSA Role 6 of National Standard for Category B.