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What price do you put on dependability?  It is an interesting question because it will vary according to needs.

In this blog, the owner of BIG TOM Driving School describes one of the key benefits of the BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course.

Whilst I would not dream of breaching any pupil confidentiality I would like to raise your awareness of how this service that we are providing here at BIG TOM changes lives.  One of the key characteristics of my driving school is the dependability that it provides to customers.  If something is described as “dependable” it is trustworthy and reliable.  These are two words that describe the values of my driving school. 

Taking a browse through the customer reviews you get to sense these values coming through by the descriptions given by customers.  The circumstances behind the stories of these customers can be pretty extreme.  It may be related to promotions in work or perhaps new jobs, lifestyle changes relating to childcare, necessity for mobility at home in rural locations, university places in far away towns/cities.  But the point really is that often our customer has a very definite need.

Customers jobs may rely on a driving licence, often travel here in the UK or abroad is mentioned to us.  Our customers are focussed, they have a clear goal and they have the reassurance that BIG TOM does all it can to realise that goal.  We don’t cancel training sessions at the last minute, when we arrange to meet at a certain location at a certain time, we do precisely that.  We organise resources, we book tests, we adapt training to individual needs.  It is this very characteristic of dependability that appeals to customers.  We don’t make glib remarks about “guarantees”, we are not reckless with the feelings of our pupils.  Learning to drive is a complex process – confidence and competence is not a given, it takes hard, concerted effort within a mutually respected instructor/pupil relationship. 

Our customers know that we offer a service that gets results.  We have been doing this long enough now to know the key ingredients for success and the investment we make in our customer relationships is key; from the first contact we have with them, to the day they get given their full driving licence.  THAT is why we get the customer reviews that we do.


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