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The way we learn to drive is changing. Driving test waiting times are huge! The delays are so long that the fear of failing the driving test with the resultant wait for another test can make you fail the driving test! This blog announces an alternative approach that instantly removes these obstacles that are delaying you getting your full driving licence.

As the traditional approach to learning to drive involves taking a driving lesson every week or so, it can take a long time to reach your goal, and with the driving test waiting times being as long as they are (in some parts of the UK up to 16 weeks), it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict when is the correct time to book a driving test that will be well timed for your driving ability in say 4 months time.

What to do? Do you gamble and book a driving test ignoring the possibility that you might not be ready and fail it, do you book a driving test so far in advance in the hope that you are not wasting time and money taking driving lessons that are not needed?

The answer is to consolidate the period of time taken to learn to drive by using an intensive driving course so that it is more manageable and easier to work around. Literally thousands of learners are doing this across the UK – BIG TOM Driving School who has been providing this service for years is expanding to meet the demand in Peterborough, Grantham, Sleaford, Stamford, Bourne and Spalding.

It is typically the older generation who raise obstacles to learning to drive in this manner, and that invariably is because the option was not available to them when they learnt to drive. Some will say, “I think you need to learn at a slower pace, so that you take it all in”. Are they talking about YOUR inability to learn quicker, or is it the fear of the unknown in their OWN mind that raises these perceived problems?

The fact is that Intensive Driving Courses have been in existence for several years, they offer busy people, who have specific deadlines an alternative approach to learning to drive, and is proven to get results.

Now is the time to shake yourself free of those boring, weekly driving lessons, that go on, and on, and on, and instead, discover a new approach that offers increased motivation, focus, goal grabbing and takes less time to obtain your driving licence.   You want the here and now approach, or the approach that your parents took 30 years ago?

Contact us NOW to get inspired, and make sure you have the smiley face for a change!

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