Crash Course in Peterborough Success

Emma Crofts from Bourne has just passed her driving test after her crash course in Peterborough

Emma needs to have the mobility of a driving licence to develop further in her workplace where she will be needing to visit more branches in the region she covers.  Passing her driving test today was really important to her.  She finished her crash course in Peterborough on 10/3/17 and has managed to pass the test on her first attempt less than 3 weeks later!  This is quite some achievement given the fact that her previous experience (10 hours) was 2 years ago.

BIG TOM Driving Instructor Tom Ingram said:

“Emma really did take on board the responsibility to personalise her learning to her needs and that is primarily why she has enjoyed the success she has in such a short timescale.  But I do congratulate her as I know this will have big benefits for her career not to mention her personal lifestyle.  She had the reverse bay park for her manoeuvre and this was the final position of the car which the examiner at Peterborough was happy to pass Emma for a lovely drive.”

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