Driving in Bourne with my Fiance

Lizzie from Bourne took the courageous decision to arrange for her fiance Graham to join us on her driving lesson. Read why here……

Lizzie’s driving instructor Tom from BIG TOM explains the benefits of having someone accompany you on your driving lesson:

“We had a fabulous 3 hour driving session where Lizzy arranged for her fiance Graham to join us.  This is known to be beneficial because it is precisely what will be happening when Lizzie passes her driving test.  It is referred to as “Trip related context and considerations” within the Goals for Driver Education matrix.  Graham was genuinely amazed at how smooth the drive was, he does sometimes suffer with travel sickness, but due to the fact that the ride was as comfortable as it was, he very happily contributed to the entire 3 hour session.  And the real benefit of this is what effect that has on Lizzie, hearing her fiance sum up her driving in that way – it really is extremely powerful.  It is recognised that passengers represent a significant change in the dynamics inside the car environment – and being aware of that fact, and importantly, knowing that you can manage the situation effectively is important for self-awareness and confidence levels.”

BIG TOM Driving School does routinely provide opportunity for pupils to become aware and develop the characteristics presented within the upper 2 levels of the GDE Matrix.  This is demonstrated in many different ways and is very effective in broadening the scope of driving training to include not just the knowledge and skills of safe driving but also identifying the risk factors of driving and developing the self-awareness of what these challenges mean to a pupil personally.  Tom concludes….

“Come and experience exciting and inspiring driving training sessions that help you achieve your goals and are good fun too!”

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