Driving Instructor Coaching Award

Coaching for Driver Development

The owner of BIG TOM Driving School which is based in Bourne has been awarded a BTEC Level 4 Award in Coaching for Driver Development.

“The timing of this is really special, it is a lovely way to end 2016.  I am very pleased to have taken the time and effort to gain this award as ultimately it will benefit BIG TOM customers.  Anything that myself and BIG TOM Driving Instructors can provide as a resource for our customers is adding value to the brand.  There is a superb opportunity for BIG TOM customers to reinforce learning outside of the driving school cars with our online resources but investing effort in awards like this ensures that the in-car training methodology is kept up to date too.”  Tom Ingram

BIG TOM Driving School provides Intensive Driving Courses in Peterborough, Lincoln, Grantham, Boston, Spalding and Stamford 0775 607 1464



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