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In this blog Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM Driving School) expands on the benefits of being a driving instructor with BIG TOM.

Being happy in our work is pretty fundamental for successful outcomes.  In the driving school world this ultimately involves our relationships with our pupils.  No pupil who is learning to drive wants to be sat next to a driving instructor who does not want to be there.  Having the goal of the driving instructor in line with that of the pupil is essential for success.  BIG TOM customers continue to use the driving school because they know this is what we do. 

One of the fundamental reasons why working with BIG TOM is a fantastic opportunity is due to the flexibility that the franchise offers.  It is this flexibility that ensures BIG TOM driving instructors are happy.  Take a recently trained driving instructor who trained with BIG TOM for example:

In 2016 he invested in total 24.5 hours with BIG TOM to train to become a driving instructor achieving his goal.  In financial terms this was £980 of investment in training which does not include the DVSA test fees.

He then went on to work on the franchise with BIG TOM gaining a personal revenue of over £4500 within weeks of starting.  More than that though is the flexibility that BIG TOM provides, giving the opportunity to alter the hours worked according to your lifestyle. 

This personalisation of working hours could equally accommodate childcare commitments, other part-time work, seasonal work, limited hours per week, weekend work only.  The fact is that the BIG TOM franchise is all about looking after people, building relationships that makes for good outcomes.  It is as equally important for BIG TOM driving instructors as it is for BIG TOM customers.  View this BIG TOM blog specifically for Trainee Driving Instructors.

BIG TOM is expanding and offering more of these great opportunities to more people.  If you would like information about how you can take control of your life, contact Tara for an Information Pack now….. this will be the first positive step you will take for affecting change.  Tara can be emailed on recruit@BIGTOM.org.uk or called direct on 0775 607 1464


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