Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 29/11/15

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  • Taylor Wimpey, one of the developers on the Elsea Park estate in Bourne has publicly committed to resolving the footpath issue that was causing pedestrians to walk along the hazardous bypass, by the end of this year.
  • Cambridgeshire police are requesting the public to confidentially report any known incidents of drink driving over the Christmas period by calling 0800 032 0845 which is available 24/7
  • 38,000 drivers were caught speeding on Lincolnshire roads last year
  • The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership are supporting Leicestershire Police by urging all residents to put 30 and 40 mph speed limit signs on wheelie bins as a visible reminder to drivers. Get the free stickers by calling 0116 248 2440
  • Lord Charles John Yarborough pleaded guilty to exceeding the 30 mph speed limit in his Porsche in Lincoln in March this year, and has been handed a £410 fine and 4 points on his driving licence.
  • A 35 yr old male from Sleaford was found guilty of using a mobile phone while driving and ordered to pay £327 fines and had his driving licence endorsed with 3 penalty points.
  • BIG TOM Driving School attended a Driving Instructor CPD event on Sunday 29/11/15 in Nottingham where further notice was given of the impending potential Examiner strikes being undertaken next week across all test centres in the UK – where driving tests could well be cancelled with little notice. All candidates are still being urged to attend their driving test. The strike action is being undertaken also with a “work to rule” after DVSA proposals to Driving Examiners work schedules.
  • A Lincolnshire Road Death Remembrance Service was held at St Norbert’s Church in Spalding where the emergency services were thanked for all their work they undertake.
  • A 66 yr old lorry driver has been convicted of inflicting gbh on a cyclist after an incident where he tailgated the cyclist. Jailed for one year and £1000 fines.
  • A 58 yr old male from Grantham was ordered to pay a £327 fine for driving without wearing a seat belt.
  • A Peterborough resident was stopped by Police while driving at Kate’s Bridge on the A15 and found to be guilty of drink driving. Banned for 1 year, and fined £375
  • Following on from the report here last week re the speed survey in Baston, the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership continue to emphasise the message that it’s 50/50 if a child would die after being hit at 35mph.
  • A bridge nr Fotheringhay has been closed due to safety reasons after recently being hit by a lorry.
  • The A47 at Wisbech was closed to allow an air ambulance to land to treat a man in his 50’s who had suffered a heart attack after a wasp sting.
  • The proposed Tom Tom sat nav being used on the new driving test trials as previously reported on the BIG TOM Driving School blog is being sold at half price (£69.99) at Tesco stores.
  • Unleaded fuel is being sold at Sainsburys and Asda in Grantham for less than a pound! The BIG TOM Driving School twitter feed constantly keeps an eye on fuel prices in our region and will let viewers know of good deals to be had on cheap fuel prices.
  • Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue crews have advised all drivers to properly prepare their cars for winter driving after a serious accident on the A47 near Peterborough.
  • Firefighters rescued a trapped driver last Sunday after an accident in Castle Bytham.
  • A vehicle that was accidentally set alight in Main Road, Deeping St Nicholas was successfully put out by firefighters attending from Market Deeping.
  • Two motorcyclists have been convicted of dangerous driving after being seen to ride at 126mph on the A151 at Edenham near Bourne. They have been banned for a year, told to undertake the extended driving test and fined £730 each.
  • In 2014 42 people were killed on Lincolnshire’s roads and 356 people seriously injured. Up to 1/11/15 35 people have been killed and 224 seriously injured.
  • The Director of a Spalding based haulage firm emphasises the need for all professional drivers to check their eyesight is still complying with the law.
  • Age UK is running a minibus service for Deeping residents to Stamford, Spalding and the Deepings to help the elderly get to shops. The fare varies, details via 01778 344 935.
  • Drivers are being advised to carefully read the demands on their car insurance policy after attending a speed awareness course so as to ensure it is disclosed to the insurance company if legally required.


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