Driving School in Bourne – Weekly Update


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  • More Twyford Woods “illegal rave” convictions continue to go through the courts. The latest involves a 20 yr old female convicted for dangerous driving and received an interim driving ban.
  • Boston Car and Bike Show took place on Sunday 5/7/15 attracting record high crowds, all helping to raise £40,000 of donations for local village causes.
  • An inquest has discovered that a road traffic collision that occurred on Christmas Day on the A606 Oakham Road near Langham was possibly as a result of one of the drivers phoning his Mother and wishing her merry Christmas. Lynda Wade and Mark Price were the drivers involved in the double fatality. The mother of Mark Price heard him wish her merry Christmas, then there was a pause and then he said “Oh no” and then she thought she heard an impact before the line cut off. A set of headphones were found in the drivers footwell and the mobile had been placed on the dashboard.
  • As reported on the BIG TOM Driving School Twitter  https://twitter.com/tukkr  on the 27/6/15, a recent Morton & Hanthorpe Parish Council meeting is arranging for a Lincolnshire Highways Officer to attend a forthcoming meeting to discuss the options available regarding a pedestrian crossing or mini-roundabout near the crossroads at Morton on the A15.
  • A female driver from Stamford was convicted of having no insurance, insufficient tyre tread and faulty rear lights. She was ordered to pay £1745 in total and she received an endorsement of 8 penalty points on her licence.
  • A male driver from Stamford was convicted of having no insurance, failing to stop for Police, and possession of cocaine. He was ordered to pay £695 in total and he was banned from driving for 6 months.
  • A male from Bourne was convicted of failing to identify a driver alleged to have been guilty of an offence, and was fined £745 and received an endorsement of 6 points on his licence.
  • A business in Cherry Holt Road, Bourne pleaded guilty to failing to give information relating to the driver of a vehicle which was alleged to have been guilty of an offence and ordered to pay a fine of £910.
  • A male from Morton pleaded guilty to drink driving and was fined £829 and disqualified from driving for 17 months.
  • A member of Barleythorpe Road Residents’ Group in Oakham is taking issue with his local council after a speed survey suggests an average speed of 30 mph in their 30 mph zone. The apparent lack of response from the Council to give details of how many vehicles were actually speeding over the 30 mph is resulting in him leaving Rutland. Here in Bourne, a Police speed survey from last year indicated an average speed of motorists in Bourne of 36 mph in a 30 mph zone. Despite being approached by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership in 2014 with suggestions of Reactive Speed signs, Bourne Council refused to make any contact to the Police Officer concerned.