Driving Training for Businesses

The need for driving training is often urgent to resolve a painful operational bottleneck that is affecting the business. This blog shows how BIG TOM Driving School (0800 689 4174) can provide good quality, trusted driving training in quick turnaround timescales with flexibility to reflect the working hours of modern day business.

Lloyd Pretlove from an engineering based organisation in Grantham passed his driving test first time within 1 month of his employers initially contacting BIG TOM. Veronica Burnett (from Harlaxton Engineering) who booked up his BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course in Grantham said:

“Fantastic work Tom. I would be very pleased to endorse any recommendation for the service you have provided and we would certainly utilise your services if the need arises in the future.”

The service we provide to businesses includes:

  • A bespoke driving course that is aligned to the operational needs: duration of driving sessions and the course itself, start/end hours to suit, pick up/drop off as needed
  • A bank of resources that has everything covered: pre-course preparation, variety of theory study aids, test booking service, options for course payments
  • Trust and reliability to ensure the package that is arranged, is guaranteed to be delivered

BIG TOM Driving School
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