Emailing BIG TOM to receiving driving licence 14 days

Grant Cousins from Stanground in Peterborough passes his driving test just 14 days after contacting us!

On Friday the 13/1/17 at 4.42pm Grant emailed BIG TOM Admin enquiring about an intensive driving course in Peterborough.  On Friday the 27/1/17 at 3.10pm Grant was handed his full driving licence by an Examiner at Peterborough Driving Test Centre.  His response was:

“I can’t believe that I’ve got my licence so fast.  I picked BIG TOM because of the great reviews it has, and now I can see why.  I’m so pleased that I picked BIG TOM”

Grant previously had 4 hours of driving experience more than 3 years ago.  He chose an intensive course with Tara from BIG TOM Admin spread over 4 days this week paying in total £774.  That included everything.  He passed his theory test within 7 days and his practical test within 14 days.

Tom Ingram who is the owner of BIG TOM said:

“Once again this is a demonstration to anyone who cares to listen of what BIG TOM can do for customers.  Bearing in mind that the initial email came through to us very late on a Friday afternoon, the response that Grant has received has been first class.  He drove in the following areas on his course, Ramsey, Crowland, Warmington, Corby Glen, Grantham and Peterborough – I would like to assure customers we do NOT coach pupils on test routes.  The response of our Admin to contact customers, book tests and send them resources in a timely manner continues to impress.  When Grant did his first mock test with us, he failed it with 3 serious driving faults and 12 minor driving faults, but after receiving a clean sheet of 0 faults on his second mock test, I rather suspected good outcomes.  So to see that he passed his test in Peterborough with just 1 driving fault does not surprise me.  It’s a winning package of customer service… and we thank Grant for his custom.”   

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