Failing to attend a driving test

In this blog from Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM) he raises the issue of failing to attend a driving test.

The notice shown in this image is being publicly displayed in the test centre in an attempt to raise the awareness of the consequence when candidates don’t turn up for a driving test.  You notice that the total amount of missed driving tests in 2016 was 278.  The driving test fee for weekdays is currently £62 and for Saturdays £75.  If we were to make an assumption that those 278 were the lower weekday fees, that still represents over £17,000 worth of lost fees.  The DVSA are also keen to state that those tests represent 40 days of work, which equates to 8 weeks of test allocation.

They require 3 full working days notice to cancel a test and receive a refund or reschedule.  That means that if your driving test is planned for a Monday you have up to the Wednesday of the previous week to cancel it without losing the fee.  You could cancel on the Wednesday but any cancellation after the Wednesday will not be refunded.

Learning to drive is expensive enough without unnecessarily losing driving test fees.  If the test is not cancelled but the candidate does not turn up, the result is that the examiner who was allocated that test is then made redundant for that test….. and as we all know, finding driving test slots is no easy thing.


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