Free Learn to Drive Videos

This weekend BIG TOM has provided not one but two free ‘learn to drive’ videos

Subscribers to the popular Learn to Drive YouTube video channel will have automatically received a sensational boost to their journey of learning to drive because both videos are relating to the subject of roundabouts.

Tom Ingram who is the owner of BIG TOM Driving School said:

“You might be surprised quite how big a mental hurdle roundabouts represent to pupils learning to drive.  In my experience over the years, this subject is right up there at the top of the list that causes difficulties for people learning to drive.  It is a pleasure for my driving school to open up access to these driving videos this weekend for the benefit of all subscribers.  These videos took a great deal of time and careful attention in the recording and editing, “

The BIG TOM driving video channel continues to grow in popularity with over 630 subscribers having watched more than 340,000 views.  The channel is advertisement free, and has an amazing backlog of historical conversations between the viewers asking questions and receiving instant answers.  It continues to be generally acknowledged as a first class learning resource for learners and shows no discrimination in the assistance offered regardless of the viewer being a BIG TOM customer or not.

For people learning to drive, this free YouTube channel is a great opportunity to continue learning outside of driving lessons taken, make sure you subscribe up TODAY!


BIG TOM Driving School provides 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Peterborough, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford, Stamford, Boston, Spalding and Bourne.  Contact us HERE


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