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BIG TOM 5 Day Intensive Driving Course customers get picked up and dropped off from home/work – doing more to help you

The BIG TOM Customer Survey said that flexibility and immediate response is important to BIG TOM customers.   Customers are not forced to travel to us to attend the intensive driving courses, with the added expense of bus and taxi journeys, as well as the extra time it takes.  Choose the home or work collection service.  BIG TOM Driving School Owner Tom Ingram says what benefit this provides:

“The home collection service that we provide is very popular.  It’s just another example of how it is possible for a customer to get a better service for their money.  Because we do not have to add on to the course price what some providers call “Free driving lessons if you fail”, we are able to give better value to the tune of around £200 for the same amount of driving hours”

One of the services that BIG TOM customers benefit from is the response times that larger organisations struggle to compete with.  There are examples given on the BIG TOM blog and the video clips of customers receiving their driving licence within days of originally contacting BIG TOM.  This ability to immediately respond to the needs of the customer is what makes the course such an attractive deal for many.  Driving test waiting times has never been a problem at BIG TOM, a dedicated and extremely effective service that is offered to all customers is the booking up of a driving test that is aligned perfectly to the customer in terms of exactly the correct time.  Plenty of time and effort is spent with the initial contact of customers to ensure that the needs and requirements are perfectly understood and a strategy is created that will increase the prospect of good outcomes.  Owner Tom Ingram continues:

The reason that my driving school has received all the incredible customer feedback that it has to date, is because we listen carefully to what our customer wants, and we have the ability to adapt our service accordingly.  This is fundamentally what sets us apart from others – we can turn things round with eye watering speed and I cannot tell you how important that fact is to some of our customers.  We are not banking on our customers failing driving tests, and troubling them with how we then give them “free” driving lessons, that is a very negative outlook…. of course nothing in life is “free”.  The blog shows our customers getting their driving licence within days of initially contacting us, and that simply does not happen by setting them up to fail driving tests.”

BIG TOM Driving School provides 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Lincoln, Peterborough, Boston, Grantham, Stamford, Spalding – Tara will help you discover how you get your driving licence faster 0800 689 4174  or Email HERE


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