How to calm nerves for a driving test in Grantham

rhiann pass

Rhiannon Kirby from Grantham who passed her driving test in Grantham today used carbonated drinks to settle her driving test nerves

It really is true! Here is happy Rhiann, who has just passed her driving test with only 5 minors after taking the BIG TOM 30 hour intensive driving course in Grantham (Bookings: 0800 689 4174 ). She knows from other family members that they all suffer with extreme nerves in these high stress situations that occasionally crop up in life. And they have managed to discover a solution that really helps them to reduce nerves. Rhiann discovered a very interesting combination of non-alcoholic carbonated drinks that really helped to manage her stress levels.

“Highly recommending Tom and big Tom Driving School and here’s why…. I was NEVER going to be a driver.. NEVER NEVER! Then I found Tom , the only instructor who’s managed to calm me down enough to get out of 2nd gear. I have severe anxiety and also a condition which affects my memory , Tom would teach me things and I would forget but he didn’t ever get stressed with me or even raise his voice … not once! He stayed calm and patient and yesterday I passed my driving test! Tom was never late to a lesson, never on his phone during a lesson. So many other instructors are late, rude and impatient. If you want a driving teacher who takes his job seriously ad does everything he can to make you feel ok, then Tom is your guy” Rhiannon Kirby from Grantham

Sometimes, certain medical conditions can have adverse effects on the body when put into a stressful situation, and the symptoms can include memory loss, a slightly dizzy feeling, a sense of panic, amongst others.

Today though, Rhiann was very good at managing the stress points on her driving test. When asked to do the reverse parallel park manoeuvre, she asked the Examiner if she could gather her thoughts before continuing, which was allowed, and that couple of minutes proved crucial. After the manoeuvre was completed, she again, asked for a short time to gather herself. Although these might appear to be trivial and not worthy of note, you should not underestimate how important these kind of strategies are to control anxiety, and manage these high stress situations. For Rhiann, she knew that the manoeuvre in particular was a high stress part of the driving test, and she was very successful today in managing to keep calm so as to allow her to show the Examiner that she is perfectly capable of driving safely unsupervised.

Well done Rhiann, big congratulations. If you would like to book yourself on the BIG TOM 30 hour intensive driving course for £899 BOOK NOW on 0800 689 4174 .