I loved My Intensive Driving Course in Bourne

Rob Parker-Meadows has just completed his intensive driving course in Bourne, and this is what he had to say about it…

Big congratulations go to Rob Parker-Meadows for completing his 5 day intensive driving course in Bourne today. He manage to cover quite some ground on his travels, as you will see below. With BIG TOM Driving School, we like to offer more driving experience than conventional driving lessons in Bourne only, so that you can drive in a variety of driving conditions, and ultimately learn more from the course. Here is Rob’s feedback with quite an important bit of advice for future customers:

“I loved my intensive driving course in Bourne. I managed to drive out to Yaxley, Stamford, Deeping and Grantham and would recommend it to others. My only piece of advice for others is to not plan in too much else in the week. I play football 3 times in the week, as well as doing my normal work, and I found it really tiring with my intensive course as well. It’s not so much physically tiring, as mentally tiring, so I would recommend for anyone considering doing the intensive driving course in Bourne, to not overload yourself too much”.

BIG TOM Driving School offers Intensive Driving Courses in Bourne from £597