Intensive Driving Course Resources

The BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course is backed up with a bucket load of resources for customers.

The BIG TOM 5 Day Intensive Driving Course has been assisting customers to pass driving tests for several years.  At the heart of the ethos of the driving school is a desire to provide high quality, good value driving training for customers who are looking to obtain their driving licence in a faster way than the old fashioned ‘pay as you go’ route.

The effectiveness of the training is achieved by providing resources that assist learning.  There are numerous ways in which pupils are offered the opportunity to initially discover key driving skills, reinforce the learning by making it meaningful to them, and check for understanding and knowledge in how to refine and apply the skills to real-life situations.  This is all backed up by timely and effective feedback methods that help to develop independence, self-learning and the responsibilities of being a safe driver.

Owner of BIG TOM Driving School, Tom Ingram says:

“Over the years what I have discovered as being absolutely essential is that pupils recognise the range of skills needed to be a safe driver, and develop the techniques that enable them to recognise where their strengths and weaknesses are.  No-one is suggesting for a moment that all drivers end up performing perfect, robotic driving behaviours, but where my course really assists pupils is in putting some proper context to the training so that the skills are practised and refined, rather than having a notion of simply performing driving actions in order to please driving examiners on the driving test.  It is this connection between driving behaviour and the resultant consequences that is essential for newly qualified drivers to recognise and develop in the early years of qualifying.”

Tom who has a BTEC Level 4 Award in Coaching for Driver Development continues:

“There are a range of influencers on newly qualified drivers that directly impact on their driving behaviour and it is essential for professional driving trainers to provide responsible training that encourages pupils to become “thinking” drivers.  The pressures on pupils to pass driving tests like they are some kind of academic exam that has no practical relevance are immense, and everyone around their inner circle has a part to play in attempting to ensure that drivers who want to take driving tests are truly ready and feel confident in the day to day challenges of modern life driving.”  

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