Intensive Driving Course v Traditional Route

This blog will assist any reader who is confused about how to go about learning to drive

BIG TOM Driving School takes a positive stance on open channels of communication with pupils and parents.  Here is one example that was received very recently by a concerned Mother:

“My enquiry is regarding my daughter who is 17, she has never driven and I would like to ask if there are any figures that support someone passing quicker with your intensive driving course as opposed to the traditional route?
Many thanks, Joanne”

If this Mother’s daughter ends up taking 30 hours of in-car driving training before she feels a confident independent driver, and goes on to pass the driving test, then the question could be, “Can my daughter receive 30 hours of driving training quicker with you than with the traditional route?”.  The answer is undoubtedly “Yes”.

But is that REALLY the question that is being asked?  Is the actual question that is being asked the following:

“Is there any evidence to support that my daughter can pass her driving test on Day 5 of your intensive driving course?”

A completely different question.  What that question is doing is asking what is the probability of a pre-defined outcome on Day 5 (namely, this Mother’s daughter being ready to take her driving test) within a set number of hours driving training.

Pupils enter into driving training on the BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course at a variety of “starting points”.  Some will have never sat in a drivers seat before, some will have done 20 hours of driving experience before, some might have had 2 unsuccessful attempts at the driving test.  It is illogical to expect that every single pupil is going to progress to precisely the same driving ability after a set number of hours when their starting points are so varied.

A BIG TOM Driving School goal is to maximise the learning potential for every customer.  That is why BIG TOM driving videos are streamed into our customers on a regular basis to reinforce the in-car driving training.  It is also why our 1:1 driving training is supplemented with “pupil led” driving instruction, so that the training is adapted to suit the needs of each individual pupil – this develops a training environment that is enjoyable, interesting and encourages maximum progress.

Tom Ingram is the Owner of BIG TOM Driving School (est’d 2009), and he offers a word of caution:

“This is not as straight forward as it might at first appear.  There are some key factors that will affect the effectiveness of the learning process.  The driving instructor and pupil relationship, the methodology of teaching, the motivation of the pupil and the environment in which they learn – these are all very important, and for parents such as Joanne who ultimately is asking a question based around perceived quality and value, these factors are all very relevant”

A browse through the BIG TOM blog will help any reader build trust in the brand to see that it is entirely possible to pass the driving test on Day 5 of the BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course – even with no faults as Ollie did! But what distinguishes the service offered from others is that each pupil is delivered a high quality of driving training that is personal to their own needs.

Within the discussion with Joanne, it was discovered that whilst the learning environment and perceived value were factors that she was considering, by far the greatest single consideration was that she wanted her daughter to be a safe, confident driver who could handle driving around on her own, after her driving test was passed.  BIG TOM Driving School shares this goal, and has integrated an assessment module within the course that has one eye monitoring the standard of driving to pass the driving test, and the other eye is ensuring that our customer actually feels confident in their driving ability.


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