Mobile phone compartment

THINK! have a campaign running which is designed to interrupt our habitual use of the mobile when driving

The reason why this simple idea is effective is because it interrupts habitual human behaviour.  Most people don’t recognise that they are addicted to their mobile phone, they will likely under-estimate how much time they spend with the mobile in their hand.  This lack of awareness is very common in many behaviours that are habit.  With eating for example, you are encouraged to note the sugar or fat content of everything that goes in your mouth and record it, you also regularly monitor your weight.  Likewise with Fitbit, the device is raising your awareness of how much time you are spending being active.  Without such a device, people would not be able to monitor it with as much accuracy.

What THINK! are attempting to do is make a visual prompt that interrupts the habit of having the mobile nearby while driving.  Drivers will not readily associate the closeness of the mobile phone to their hands when they go to sit in the seat.  By having a sticker (as shown) prominent in your car, it acts as a visual cue to do something different.  It is no different to the above examples, it is forcing you to do something that you would not normally do.

These stickers are freely available to all BIG TOM customers, past and present.


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