My Dad watched my driving lesson in Bourne

Here is Maisie Lord from Bourne, having just done a 3 hour driving lesson with her Dad in the back, watching all of her driving!  The prospect of that might fill you in fear but as Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM Driving School) explains, there is much to be said for this……

“I appreciate that the timing of this needs to be right, but there is so much to be gained in confidence by having a member of your family or a friend observe you driving.  This is something that my driving school positively encourages.  This blog here shows how a close friend of Grace observing from the back produced magical results for Grace, and this blog here shows two pupils who are unknown to each other observing their driving again with great results.  All of us learn best when we learn with other people, sharing opinions, experiences and ideas.   This is recognised to be effective for creating positive learning environments.  I have the utmost respect for Maisie for inviting her Dad to come along, and just as much for her Dad for taking the time out of his busy schedule to invest in his daughters driving training.”

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