New Career As A Driving Instructor

Are you considering a new career?  Fancy the freedom that being a Driving Instructor provides you?

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Owner of BIG TOM Driving School Tom Ingram has provided a must see ebook for anyone who is has an interest in becoming a Driving Instructor.  Information on qualification, aspects of setting up a driving school including marketing, and a no nonsense account of the actual work.  The author provides a refreshingly concise account of all things important for effective training and considers what future there is in the industry as technology advances.

This ebook will enable the reader to consider whether the career is suited to them, what benefits and pitfalls arise and offers fabulous tips and techniques to potentially save a great deal of money and effort.  Topics covered include:

  • Motivation to become a Driving Instructor
  • The cost to qualify
  • Nature of the work
  • Pass rates for the qualification tests
  • Barriers to succeeding
  • Reaching out for the opportunity


2 SNEEK PEAK’s of the ebook:


When you think of the work of a Driving Instructor, it is assisting people to learn a skill that has a responsibility for personal and public safety and some parents will look at a Driving Instructor with those considerations in mind.  “Will my 17 year old son or daughter be safe with this Instructor?”, “Does this Instructor portray an image of someone who really cares about road safety?”.  With regards to the learning environment, parents will want to see signs of someone who displays empathy, who is non-judgemental, understanding of the difficulties involved, and able to develop a safe, caring working relationship with their nearest and dearest.  In many regards, the profile is more skewed towards getting the best out of people than it is about actually driving.



One of the most fundamental realisations that I quickly came to understand is that if you truly have a desire to assist an individual to effectively learn to drive, then the first thing that you need to acknowledge is that every single person is potentially different, and there will be a need to understand how a person “ticks” in order to create positive outcomes.  I am not suggesting that you cannot be a Driving Instructor without this knowledge, but if you were to ignore this fact, or even not be aware of it and treat every pupil the same, it will inevitably affect the “effectiveness” of the learning experience, or worse still, it might make you realise that you are not in fact suited to the work.  This subject is something that I find very interesting; the joy and challenges of training humans.  Whether it be involving recruitment, quality improvement or good old fashioned caring of people, my previous jobs do have a common theme which involves my working to bring about positive change for people.  There is something very satisfying in seeing the sense of pride in people who have accomplished a goal.  Does this sound like something that interests you?  I never cease to be amazed at how resourceful and determined pupils can be – it is a point that is well worth remembering if you do end up entering this profession; we are in effect facilitators of learning, rather than providers of ‘mechanized’ instructing to teach someone to drive.  In my experience, people will naturally learn if the environment around them is conducive to it, they do not need to be ‘taught’ as such.  It is the difference of developing drivers to become a “mini me” version of their Driving Instructor, or instead, to facilitate their experiences in a way that makes the learning more individualised and personally meaningful. 



Will the ebook help me decide if I am suitable to be a driving instructor?

Yes.  There are many fears and concerns that are raised in this ebook which PDI’s are not necessarily aware of when registering with the DVSA. Many would have benefitted greatly to have known about them in advance.  This ebook really can save readers an awful lot of time and money!


My concern is really about how I will find the time to train…. please help!

This is a perfectly valid concern.  There will be in-car training as well as training that can be done at home and with friends.  The real value in this book however is the fact that it makes no generalisations about the reader.  It provides simple tips, guidance and considerations based on the actual experience of running a successful driving school, and importantly it offers choices of how to train.


How long will it take me to train?

As is the case with Learner drivers, PDI’s will have a variety of experiences which really makes second guessing on the duration of training a nonsense.  The ebook does expand on this point; it talks about obstructions to learning, effective learning techniques and how important it is to train well.  Our latest instructor qualified after 24.5 hours training.




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