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Patrick from Bourne Passes Test with BIG TOM 5 Day Intensive Driving Course

See here how Patrick got his full driving licence just 2 days after completing his BIG TOM 5 Day Intensive Driving Course (0800 689 4174)

It was not the most pleasant of mornings to be taking a test, the rain was falling hard; but that did not stop Patrick Bishell from Bourne passing his driving test on his first attempt.  On his BIG TOM 5 Day Intensive Driving Course in Bourne, he managed to cover quite some ground.  He had great experience driving round Peterborough, Bourne, on the A1, Stamford, Boston, Elton and Warmington. 

Patrick says to any readers “Would definitely recommend this course to others learning to drive! Learned so much on the course and was really enjoyable”.

On Day 5 of his Intensive Driving Course he completed the very interesting Assessment Drive which is a carefully selected route that BIG TOM has been using for many years.  Tom who is the owner of BIG TOM Driving School says about the Assessment Drive:

“You should not under-estimate how powerful it is for a driver to be driving round in a wide variety of driving conditions that they have absolutely no previous experience of being on, let alone driving on.  This has proven to be over the years, very effective in allowing our pupils to judge how they are getting on; it can do wonders for the confidence.  Whilst there is no doubt that it is tough and challenging drive, it has got nothing to do with the driving test at all, and everything to do with assisting our pupils recognise how well they are getting on with their independent driving”.

The actual routes BIG TOM use for their Assessment Drives is a closely guarded secret, but all pupils who get the opportunity to drive them, Patrick included, get a great deal from the experience.

Patrick then went on to try out one of the BIG TOM Mock Tests.  Because BIG TOM Driving Instructors observe the vast majority of their customers driving tests, the standard of the mock tests is very closely aligned to what will actually happen on the day of the driving test; the way it is conducted, the marking of it, the duration and general “feel” of the mock test are very similar indeed to the real thing.  As Patrick was able to appreciate when he then passed his actual test, the mock really did enable him to get properly prepared, mentally, for what was coming his way.

His Mother went on to feedback to us: “We were very impressed with how completely at ease he felt with you which I am sure contributed to being able to learn so quickly and we would definitely recommend your driving course to anyone.”


Well done Patrick – a job well done, and a great result from your Intensive Driving Course in Bourne.