Peterborough Plasterer Passes Perfectly

Graham Lucas from Peterborough passes his driving test today with flying colours

He actually completed his 5 Day Intensive Driving Course in Peterborough last week.  He started his driving test on Day 5 (the Friday) but it had to be “aborted” due to the fact that the congestion in Peterborough meant he literally was not making any progress through the City!  He wanted his driving instructor Tom Ingram to observe his test, and as a result of that decision, the Examiner was able to abort the test where Graham then swapped over with Tom and they made their way back to Peterborough Test Centre via an alternative route.  If Graham had decided that Tom was not to observe the test, then Graham and the Examiner would have had to sit it out in the awful gridlock…. how long that would have taken is anyone’s guess!  Examiners are not insured to drive driving school cars on driving tests – not a lot of people know that!

BIG TOM Driving Instructor Tom Ingram said:

“This was a pretty unusual situation that developed on the driving test.  Although when the test gets aborted in these circumstances, Graham did not lose his driving test fee, it was down to the great work of Tara in BIG TOM Admin to get him another test just 3 days later!  It’s yet another example of the great customer care that this driving school achieves, and I am so delighted for Graham.”

Graham Lucas said:

“Having my driving licence will make the world of difference to me and my family.  I am busy at work and they are sorting me out with a van, but I can’t tell you how important it is to my family for me to be mobile too.  I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn to drive to use BIG TOM.  Brilliant training and bloke, also very nicely organised behind the scenes with Tara”

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