Remote Control Wizard Gets His Driving Licence

Jack passes his driving test first time!

Jack Keatley from Market Deeping has passed his driving test in quick smart time.  He took his test in Peterborough and passed quite comfortably with only 4 driving faults recorded.

Jack says of his experience with BIG TOM:

“I am so pleased as I can now help my Dad out with the driving.”

Jack is a keen remote control car enthusiast and travels all over the UK.  Prior to this test pass, his Dad has had to shoulder all the travel to the venues, but now Jack can assist with splitting the journeys up between them.

Chris Jubb was his BIG TOM Driving Instructor and said:

“I know how much this means to Jack, it is only right that he should feel so pleased with himself.  I know how important it is to manage driving long journeys, and for Jack to now be able to contribute to the travelling across the UK is really good for his Dad, and also great for improving their safety as it enables them to ensure the driver is fresh and alert.  On motorway driving, with the speeds being what they are, it is essential that the driver is always reading what is developing in advance.”

BIG TOM Driving School provides 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Peterborough, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford, Stamford, Boston, Spalding and Bourne.  Contact us HERE


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