Rescue Remedy on the driving test

summer pass

Are things like Rescue Remedy really any good for the driving test ?

Here is a very happy Summer Sleight from Bourne, who has just passed her driving test in Grantham, on her 1st attempt with only 2 minors after taking driving lessons in Bourne with BIG TOM Driving School. Summer made use of Rescue Remedy after a tip from a friend, and it really did help her on her test, to keep her calm. A little dab on the tongue, immediately before the test was all that was required.

“I’d like to thank Tom for helping me to pass my driving test first time, he did not just prepare me for the test but driving in real life, with real life situations. Tom is a very calm person and was able to help me stay calm, when I didn’t do things correctly. He never got frustrated with me and kept a calm manner. He is very professional and polite, we were able to have general conversations and have a laugh when learning how to drive. I thoroughly recommend Tom and his teaching style. Thank you Tom”  Summer Sleight from Bourne.

Summer had 2 instances of traffic lights turning from green to amber as she approached them on her driving test in Grantham town centre. On the first occasion, she made the decision that she was too close to the STOP line for her to stop safely (without endangering the vehicle behind), and on the second occasion, she decided she did have time to stop. Both decisions were correct. It’s this kind of judgement call that can so easily cause problems on the driving test; when the heart is beating faster than normal, the senses are a little more heightened, and so when you see something like a green traffic light turn to amber, an accurate assessment can sometimes be slightly clouded by the nerves.

Using things like Rescue Remedy on the driving test may not necessarily work for everyone, but it certainly did for Summer today, who is now enjoying the feeling of passing her test on the first attempt and getting her full driving licence.

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