Stress Free Driving Training


One of the key differences with the BIG TOM 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses compared to others is the ability to provide a stress free learning environment.  This blog explains how…..

Take a look at what previous customers say about how they benefitted from learning with BIG TOM


I had very little driving experience when I started, and passed my test within 9 days, and I put that down to the way I was taught.
Andy Graham

We were very impressed with how completely at ease he felt with you which I am sure contributed to being able to learn so quickly.
Alison Bishell

Tom is a very calm person and was able to help me stay calm, when I didn’t do things correctly. He never got frustrated with me and kept a calm manner.
Summer Sleight

Then I found Tom , the only instructor who’s managed to calm me down enough to get out of 2nd gear.
Rhiannon Kirby

You put me at ease on the very first lesson with you and you were always so calm even when I made mistakes.
Liam Watkinson

You were really helpful and a calm Instructor, easy to talk to and always made me feel comfortable. You were a very understanding Instructor and were there to help every step of the way.
Darran Carroll

Calm attitude to teaching, reassuring for beginners and willing to go at the learners’ pace
Sophie Pick


BIG TOM Driving School puts the pupil at the core of the training sessions. Only by placing the priority with the pupil can the sessions be organised in a manner that will ensure the learning environment is safe, enjoyable and progress takes place.   Chris Jubb who is an approved Driving Instructor to provide the BIG TOM 5 Day Intensive Driving Course gives the following advice:

“Can you imagine anything worse than being sat in a driving school car and directed to drive somewhere that you don’t want to, in a method that has no thought for the pupil’s strengths and weaknesses, and not even making any progress? Here we do ‘calm, not cram’ – cramming in as much as possible regardless of how the pupil feels would just make people upset.”

Whatever the starting point is on your driving course, at BIG TOM, there is not an expectation to reach a pre-defined outcome by the end of the course – the reason why that has proved to be so important is that it allows the training that takes place within the course to be good quality, naturally progressive and effective. Treating all customers the same and expecting the same outcomes after 5 days training would inevitably lead to forcing pressure on to the pupil due to having no regard of an individual’s progress. Parents get frustrated because they have invested in a course that has made their son/daughter thoroughly miserable, very stressed and to cap it all, progress has been limited.


Tom Ingram who is the owner of BIG TOM Driving School warns people:

“Be very careful. Despite the impression that some might give, it is impossible, unrealistic and actually quite insulting to suggest to anyone that a certain level of driving ability can be “GUARANTEED” after a standard period of time. I’m afraid there is a lot of nonsense spoken about “unlimited free driving lessons” being given to pupils if they fail a driving test – my advice to everyone is read the small print very carefully. I would very much like to distance my driving school as a provider of quality intensive driving courses, away from organisations that make these ‘spectacular’ claims”.

Learn from the experiences of previous BIG TOM customers, come over to a professional driving school that does not bombard you with talk about celebrities, but instead talks about YOU, YOUR driving needs and how best to make progress in a manner that makes YOUR learning experience enjoyable.

For more information about how BIG TOM can help you, please take a minute to tell us your story of what you are needing from us




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