The driving test pass of all driving test passes

Dean passes his driving test in Grantham

Dean from Twenty near Bourne, finally gets to proudly show off his driving test pass certificate.  Readers of the BIG TOM blog may recall that Dean was at the centre of a rather unfortunate mistake made by the DVSA Examiner in his previous driving test, which was fully reported here on this BIG TOM blog.  The result was that he was provided with a free re-test and he did not have to wait the typical waiting times for the new test.  Whilst he had already technically passed his previous driving test, he was then being required to attend another driving test for a different examiner, who today authorised his test pass recording just 3 driving faults.

Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM Driving School) observed both tests and says:

“Firstly I would like to congratulate Dean on showing the strength of character to persevere even after the Examiner error that was made that he had no control over at all.  I think he and his Father have shown a great deal of understanding towards the DVSA.  From my point of view, it greatly saddens me that had I not observed the previous driving test, and immediately appealed the original decision, then even despite the newly qualified examiner having been observed by a “Quality Assurance” DVSA representative, there would have been no willingness on the part of the DVSA to automatically right the wrong that had been committed.  From an integrity point of view, I have to say that I have lost much faith in the DVSA as a result of this situation.  It also troubles me, and is deeply disappointing that after my intervention, and the subsequent formal recognition to Dean’s Father that the mistake made was with the Examiner, there has been no apology offered to the family or Dean at all.  Arguably worst than that though, I am not aware of any alteration in the process of ensuring Quality Assurance for newly qualified Examiners.  If the organisation wants to demonstrate that they have the ability to recognise where shortfalls in their processes exist, and that they have a genuine desire to continually improve their own Quality Standards, then I would have thought it incumbent on them to show the necessary transparency and accountability by informing the family how efforts are being made to prevent this kind of error from recurring.  As it currently stands, Dean has been unnecessarily required to provide a further driving test with all the stress that brings, he has been delayed in obtaining his driving licence, and his Father has incurred further financial costs of £165 for the services of BIG TOM Driving School.  I think any business who was subject to normal market conditions and treated their customers in this manner would very likely not survive too long in the current economic climate.  The fact that the newly qualified Examiner was being formally observed at the time, and that without my intervention, Dean would have not received any compensation for the mistake made, coupled with the fact there has also been no apology provided, really does demonstrate an arrogance and unwillingness to improve the service provided for the good of others.  Personally, I am pleased that my customer today has finally received his full driving test certificate that was rightfully his 4 weeks ago, but I do worry how many other candidates taking driving tests across the UK might be being adversely affected if their driving instructors are not observing their driving tests.”  

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