Want to save money learning to drive?

In this blog, owner of BIG TOM Driving School Tom Ingram, offers his customers advice on how to save money on driving training, by getting smart with the learning.

 Welcome to this blog about how you can save money just by getting a bit switched on!  One of the reasons that BIG TOM is different to many other providers is the resources that we provide our customers.  We provide them in a range of formats so that we appeal to as many of our customers that we can.

To explain how you can save money, first of all, let me explain very generally how the learning process will go when you learn to drive on your BIG TOM intensive driving course.  Initially, your brain will be working very hard paying attention to all the controls of the car, co-ordinating your hands and feet, listening to the assistance from your BIG TOM driving instructor.

As your brain gets better at drip feeding those core skills into the longer term memory, what is often referred to as “muscle memory” helps, and there is more “space” made available in your brain for absorbing more information that you were not capable of taking in previously, because your brain was at that time overloaded. 

There is a general shift in the nature of the learning away from “What do I do?”, to “How do I do it well and why?”.  A typical example of this kind of brain work I am referring to is what we call “forward planning” whereby you look at clues around from signs and road markings and you work out what you need to do.  Here is one such example (video) that helps our customers when approaching roundabouts.  Another example is appreciating the relationship between speed and gears, and here is another (video) example that helps in that regard.  If you were to ignore the need to continue learning these skills because you are just happy to have learned the “What do I do?”, then you are restricting learning of the very necessary further skills required.  Think of it like this…. most people can learn what to do to drive a car within just a few hours, but how well are they driving the car?  

The reason why this is important for you to know, is because you can do this kind of thinking OUTSIDE the in-car training.  You do not have to wait until you are in your BIG TOM driving school car to get your brain thinking about these aspects of learning to drive.  This is potentially extremely powerful for your learning experience, it can reduce the time it takes you to learn to drive, and it can reduce the cost of learning to drive. 

Follow the advice that we give you when you first enrol on your course, we actively encourage you to engage in key learning before you even sit in the car – and this will ultimately save you time and money.

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