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Where is Peterborough Driving Test Centre?

Peterborough Driving CentrePeterborough Driving Test Centre is in Fengate, Peterborough.

It is within a fairly busy industrial estate, about a mile from Peterborough City Centre.

The full address is: Second Drove, Fengate, Peterborough PE1 5XA

The image you see here, is from inside the car park.  It has several car parking bays as it can accommodate 6+ driving tests in any one slot.  The first driving test slot is just after 8am and the last is mid-afternoon, it does run driving tests on Saturdays for a slightly more expensive fee.

Big Tom Driving School organises all driving test bookings to fall perfectly in line with your driving lessons in Peterborough, so that you do not have any unnecessary stress.

For those familiar with Peterborough and wondering where Peterborough Driving Test Centre is, it is very near the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium.

Peterborough Driving Centre

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Are We Losing Our Drive to Drive?

Bigtom_Driving_SchoolThe number of UK people taking the practical driving test has decreased 12% since 2007/8. Recent research indicates 41% of UK car owners are driving less due to the costs of driving.

What does this mean?  Is driving becoming less “fashionable”?

Absolutely not! The demographic figures for birth rates in the 90’s and insurance costs for 17-20 year olds, undoubtedly do have an impact on the above statements but the freedom that being able to drive provides for people in their mid 20’s and onwards is an enormous benefit!

For the early Millennials of us, re-locating for careers, commuting to work, school runs for kids, and family holidays in the UK are all superb benefits and for some, essential for the time pressures of family life. Learning to drive offers freedom and independence.

Ben Rossi (25 yrs) who passed his driving test at Grantham recently, shot up North the very next day after passing his driving test at Grantham, to find a new home and start a new career!  Driving is essential to his work. This is what he sent through after the dust had settled…..

Hi Tom,

I bought a car today, a 07 fiesta 1.2 in awesome condition. Drove it back from Coalville all the way here to Staffordshire having not driven since my test! Loved it, went on the country roads rather than the motorway to get used to the car. Went on some dual-carriageways and multi-lane roundabouts as well, I even overtook a tractor! :P. Really enjoyed it on the country roads. So glad I managed to do my driving. Because of your teaching, while I was nervous getting in the car on my own for the first time, I felt confident enough to drive off and not worry or panic and go home safely and loved every part of the journey. Thanks again!


Learn to drive from £597 with Big Tom Driving School – “Drive more, experience more, learn more!” 

Best Price Plus Peterborough

Best Price Plus Peterborough



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