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Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 29/08/15

Your local Driving School in Bourne gives you all the motoring info around your area…

  • Small group of foxhounds broke off from meeting up with hunt horses in Milton Park, to chase 2 dogs also in the park at the time. A foxhound and spaniel were killed by a passing car on the A47 in Peterborough.
  • Driving Instructor in Bourne, Tom Ingram from BIG TOM Driving School in Bourne joins well established and well reputed driving associations, MSA, DIA and ADINJC.
  • The IPCC are investigating the death of a 62 yr old male driver, who drove into a wall in Stamford after Police began to approach it in connection with “it’s manner of driving”.
  • Complaints received for poor roadwork maintenance in Stainby including weeds growing through surface and unfilled potholes.
  • Police in Grantham are warning drivers not to leave cars insecure after thefts from superstore car parks.
  • Collision in Oundle Road, Woodston, Peterborough causes 3 people needing hospital treatment.
  • Further complaints received after yet further parking tickets being issued in Grantham for vehicles not parked within a bay. The one small piece of granite that is the only marking of the bays continues to cause problems for accurate bay parking.
  • Network Rail continues to state that two of the busiest railway crossings in the country at Tallington and Helpston, will eventually be closed – yet still no dates are forthcoming on when work will begin.
  • A poster from Langham Primary School wins the competition set by Safer Rutland Partnership to try to dissuade parents from parking on yellow zig-zags outside schools.
  • A woman driving a mini was involved in a collision with a lorry on the A606 near to Barnsdale Lodge and had to be airlifted to a Nottingham hospital.
  • Residents near Bluebell playing fields, Peterborough continue to complain to Police of motorbikes being ridden on footpaths parallel to the A47 cutting through to Paston. Police confirm it is a city wide issue.
  • A 24 yr old woman was banned from driving for 2 yrs, told she would need to take an extended re-test, and given a 38 week suspended prison sentence at Peterborough Crown Court after pleading guilty to driving up to 60mph in city centre streets on 04/07/2015.
  • Ketton Parish Council meeting attended by Police reveals targeting thefts from unattended vehicles around Rutland Water.
  • Resident of Spalding complains of nearly being knocked off feet by cyclist in Winsover Road.

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Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 21/08/15

Your local Driving School in Bourne gives you all the motoring info around your area…

  • Driver in his 60’s suffers serious injury after coming off road on A15 (dual carriageway section) for reason not known at this stage. Air lifted to Nottingham hospital. This section of road continues to be location of serious accidents (inc fatality) in the recent past.
  • Landlord of pub in Spalding calls Police and follows lorry for 1.5hrs after seeing driver jump 2 red lights and cut up traffic only to be told it was not a priority.
  • Over 20 year old pedestrian crossing in London Road, Grantham (nr Sainsburys) to be updated starting 01/09/15 for 2 weeks.
  • Roadworks in Double Street Spalding (as reported here ) are causing complaints due to unfinished work creating hazards.
  • A153 closure due to lorry hitting and felling tree – no injuries.
  • Woman in her 30’s suffered facial injury after collision on London Road, Peterborough involving motorbike and bus.
  • Concerned locals of Shepeau Stow continue to raise fears for school children safety when term starts due to trees blocking visibility for motorists approaching B1166 at Dowsdale Road junction. A Highways Inspector visited and disagreed that they block vision of the junction.
  • Billingborough Parish Council confirm the purchase of a speed control sign that will be moved between 3 sites: Folkingham Road, Pointon Road and Horbling Road. Despite this, no reports still of Bourne Parish Council accepting the value of these speed signs.
  • Resident in Grantham pleaded guilty to driving whilst unfit through drugs and without licence or insurance. £280 fine, 6 points on his provisional licence, and disqualified from driving for 12 months.
  • Open invitations given to owners of interesting vehicles by Spalding and East Elloe Classic Car Club for an informal meeting at Saracen’s Head Whaplode Manor, September 22nd.
  • Residents of Princess Drive, Grantham complain about cycle lane outside their homes. Area Highways Manager reiterates the purpose of the lane being linked to nearby Priory Ruskin Academy and appeals for local residents to refrain from parking on the cycle lane.
  • Tempers continue to boil as parking enforcement within Grantham continues to affect traders (as reported here )
  • Magistrate in Grantham hears case of locally residing female drink driver and mid-case realises he actually was her driving instructor. Case proceeded, and she was given 12 month driving ban and £435 fine.
  • Horse was put down by a vet after being hit by a car at Elm High Road near Wisbech.
  • 75 year old male driver from Wilsford, denies endangering safety of a person upon the railway, and driving dangerously, after court hears he allegedly turned left at a level crossing in Wilsford, onto the tracks. Case continues.
  • Resident in Peterborough appeals for Police to enforce prohibition of cyclists using footpaths, asking cyclists to make use of extensive cycle paths provided in Peterborough.
  • Resident from Cottesmore pleads for more consideration from drivers in Mill Street, Oakham and Water Street, Stamford when parking to be more attentive to the correct position in the bay, not using up 2 bays.
  • 26 yr old male driver from Chatteris pleads guilty to dangerous driving on A141 Isle of Ely Way at Wimblington causing serious injury, and also possession of cannabis. Jailed for a year, disqualified from driving for 4 years and fined £100

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Rescue Remedy on the driving test

summer pass

Are things like Rescue Remedy really any good for the driving test ?

Here is a very happy Summer Sleight from Bourne, who has just passed her driving test in Grantham, on her 1st attempt with only 2 minors after taking driving lessons in Bourne with BIG TOM Driving School. Summer made use of Rescue Remedy after a tip from a friend, and it really did help her on her test, to keep her calm. A little dab on the tongue, immediately before the test was all that was required.

“I’d like to thank Tom for helping me to pass my driving test first time, he did not just prepare me for the test but driving in real life, with real life situations. Tom is a very calm person and was able to help me stay calm, when I didn’t do things correctly. He never got frustrated with me and kept a calm manner. He is very professional and polite, we were able to have general conversations and have a laugh when learning how to drive. I thoroughly recommend Tom and his teaching style. Thank you Tom”  Summer Sleight from Bourne.

Summer had 2 instances of traffic lights turning from green to amber as she approached them on her driving test in Grantham town centre. On the first occasion, she made the decision that she was too close to the STOP line for her to stop safely (without endangering the vehicle behind), and on the second occasion, she decided she did have time to stop. Both decisions were correct. It’s this kind of judgement call that can so easily cause problems on the driving test; when the heart is beating faster than normal, the senses are a little more heightened, and so when you see something like a green traffic light turn to amber, an accurate assessment can sometimes be slightly clouded by the nerves.

Using things like Rescue Remedy on the driving test may not necessarily work for everyone, but it certainly did for Summer today, who is now enjoying the feeling of passing her test on the first attempt and getting her full driving licence.

BIG TOM Driving School   Bookings: 0800 689 4174


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Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 15/08/15

Your local Driving School in Bourne gives you all the motoring info around your area…

  • Footpath nr Wherry’s Spinney on Elsea Park estate, Bourne set to close for a year due to new homes being built.
  • 2 people cut free from car after crash at Sutton Bridge in New Road – extent of injuries unknown.
  • Campaign continues for improved road safety measures on St Mary’s Road, Ramsey with local MP also adding weight to the cause of putting safety barriers to prevent vehicles going into the River Nene.
  • Willoughby Rd, Morcott road closure 18,19,20,25,26,27 August.
  • Protests from Sutton Bridge Parish Council representing residents views were successful in opening up a right of way from Petts Lane onto the river Nene’s West Bank.
  • Peterborough City Council staff are being given training and powers to fine cyclists £30 who ignore the cycle ban in Bridge Street, Peterborough.
  • Road closure on Vineyard Road/St John’s Street, Peterborough – Mon-Fri starting 17/8/15.
  • A caravan became detached from a lorry travelling south on A1 near Stamford causing long delays.
  • Morton & Hanthorpe Parish meeting declares that kerbing cannot be installed on the A15 Bourne Road verge opposite Hillview as it would require installation of drainage gullies which is not possible.
  • Very long queues were created near McDonalds on A151 Holbeach Road at Spalding due to hedge cutting by BT workmen.
  • Cambridge Utd player clocked doing 156mph on A1 (M) gets his 2nd ban from driving, this time for 6 months and a £1400 fine. He joins a Nottingham Forest player who was also banned 3 weeks ago after doing 115mph on same stretch of road.
  • Local resident appeals urgent maintenance of eastern side of Little London Bridge and start of Fen End Lane, Spalding.
  • 2 car collision closed the A47 Eye Road near Thorney Road – 1 car ended up in a ditch, no serious injury.
  • Driving Instructor Tom Ingram from BIG TOM Driving School in Bourne raises choices for Bourne residents, and surrounding villages with use of “Marketplace” for driving lessons in Bourne.
  • Residents within Thurlby parish are being encouraged to attend a neighbourhood plan meetings in an effort to raise communications between residents and Thurlby Parish Council. Important matters arising include the so far rejected pedestrian crossing for Thurlby in line with the crossing at Northorpe.
  • Professional advice suggests that pedestrian crossing further north of crossroads on A15 at Morton is not viable, however, councillors resolved by vote of 5:3 NOT to support the alternative 4 way traffic controlled option for the crossroads. Council agreed to consult entire parish by way of questionnaire (wording to be agreed at next meeting). A15 Morton crossing options to be further discussed 8/9/15 at Morton Village Hall preceded by a public forum at 7.15pm.
  • 42 yr old male from Spalding given 6 month suspended prison sentence, with 200 hrs unpaid work, £380 costs and 6 points on licence for driving while disqualified.
  • Firefighters called to a burning car (electrical fault in battery) in Barnack Road, Stamford, a burning tractor in Little Bytham and a caravan in Uffington Road (electrical fault).
  • Over 2000 visitors turned up in beautiful weather to the Boston Classic Car Club at Graves Park in Kirton to see over 450 cars on show.
  • A Court of Appeal has rejected the challenge from Larkfleet Homes for a southern bypass off the A52 in Grantham. The proposal is for a 3Km section of road off the B1174 linking up to the A52.
  • Local resident at Wilsford volunteers to monitor and maintain the newly purchased speed indicator device bought by the Parish Council, currently being used in School Lane with plans to also use it at 2 other locations in village.
  • DHL Supply Chain Logistics providers for Dixons Carphone Group Newark currently seeking LGV C & C+E drivers
  • A middle aged male cyclist was hospitalised after an accident with a car in West Elloe Avenue, Spalding.
  • Leicestershire Police plan a week long campaign starting Monday 17/08/15 specifically tackling speeding cars.
  • 48 yr old female from Stamford was fined £525 and given 6 points on her driving licence for driving with no insurance, insufficient tyre tread and without all lights (reg plates) working.
  • Rutland County Council has decided to reduce cost of parking on market days at Oakham and Uppingham for a 6 month trial period.
  • Lincs Co-op confirm to Morton & Hanthorpe Parish Council no plans for King’s Head site.

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I loved My Intensive Driving Course in Bourne

Rob Parker-Meadows has just completed his intensive driving course in Bourne, and this is what he had to say about it…

Big congratulations go to Rob Parker-Meadows for completing his 5 day intensive driving course in Bourne today. He manage to cover quite some ground on his travels, as you will see below. With BIG TOM Driving School, we like to offer more driving experience than conventional driving lessons in Bourne only, so that you can drive in a variety of driving conditions, and ultimately learn more from the course. Here is Rob’s feedback with quite an important bit of advice for future customers:

“I loved my intensive driving course in Bourne. I managed to drive out to Yaxley, Stamford, Deeping and Grantham and would recommend it to others. My only piece of advice for others is to not plan in too much else in the week. I play football 3 times in the week, as well as doing my normal work, and I found it really tiring with my intensive course as well. It’s not so much physically tiring, as mentally tiring, so I would recommend for anyone considering doing the intensive driving course in Bourne, to not overload yourself too much”.

BIG TOM Driving School offers Intensive Driving Courses in Bourne from £597


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Intensive Driving Courses in Sleaford

BIG TOM Driving School is offering £80 off our very popular Intensive Driving Courses in Sleaford (01529 400 455) in February only!

We have extended the range of our very popular intense driving courses that offer great value intensive driving courses in Sleaford. Residents can take their driving test at the newly located test centre at Grantham on the A52. Rhiann who recently passed her driving test after doing our 30 hour intensive driving course says:

“Highly recommending Tom and BIG TOM Driving School and here’s why…..

Tom would teach me things and I would forget but he didn’t ever get stressed with me or even raise his voice … not once! He stayed calm and patient and yesterday I passed my driving test! Tom was never late to a lesson, never on his phone during a lesson. So many other instructors are late, rude and impatient. If you want a driving teacher who takes his job seriously and does everything he can to make you feel ok, then Tom is your guy 🙂 “

Click HERE and scroll down to go to a full review

For our best value intensive driving courses in Sleaford BOOK NOW 01529 400 455



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How to calm nerves for a driving test in Grantham

rhiann pass

Rhiannon Kirby from Grantham who passed her driving test in Grantham today used carbonated drinks to settle her driving test nerves

It really is true! Here is happy Rhiann, who has just passed her driving test with only 5 minors after taking the BIG TOM 30 hour intensive driving course in Grantham (Bookings: 0800 689 4174 ). She knows from other family members that they all suffer with extreme nerves in these high stress situations that occasionally crop up in life. And they have managed to discover a solution that really helps them to reduce nerves. Rhiann discovered a very interesting combination of non-alcoholic carbonated drinks that really helped to manage her stress levels.

“Highly recommending Tom and big Tom Driving School and here’s why…. I was NEVER going to be a driver.. NEVER NEVER! Then I found Tom , the only instructor who’s managed to calm me down enough to get out of 2nd gear. I have severe anxiety and also a condition which affects my memory , Tom would teach me things and I would forget but he didn’t ever get stressed with me or even raise his voice … not once! He stayed calm and patient and yesterday I passed my driving test! Tom was never late to a lesson, never on his phone during a lesson. So many other instructors are late, rude and impatient. If you want a driving teacher who takes his job seriously ad does everything he can to make you feel ok, then Tom is your guy” Rhiannon Kirby from Grantham

Sometimes, certain medical conditions can have adverse effects on the body when put into a stressful situation, and the symptoms can include memory loss, a slightly dizzy feeling, a sense of panic, amongst others.

Today though, Rhiann was very good at managing the stress points on her driving test. When asked to do the reverse parallel park manoeuvre, she asked the Examiner if she could gather her thoughts before continuing, which was allowed, and that couple of minutes proved crucial. After the manoeuvre was completed, she again, asked for a short time to gather herself. Although these might appear to be trivial and not worthy of note, you should not underestimate how important these kind of strategies are to control anxiety, and manage these high stress situations. For Rhiann, she knew that the manoeuvre in particular was a high stress part of the driving test, and she was very successful today in managing to keep calm so as to allow her to show the Examiner that she is perfectly capable of driving safely unsupervised.

Well done Rhiann, big congratulations. If you would like to book yourself on the BIG TOM 30 hour intensive driving course for £899 BOOK NOW on 0800 689 4174 .



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Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 09/08/15

Your local Driving School in Bourne gives you all the motoring info around your area…

  • Peterborough police are appealing for witnesses to dangerous driving which involved injury to several people at Orton Southgate industrial estate at 23.30hrs on 08/08/15
  • 3 yr old boy hit by a car in Oakham at the pelican crossing outside Walkers book shop in the High St.
  • Resident of UAE raises issue of limited pedestrian mobility near Grantham shops after summer visit to town.
  • Resident from Yaxley is jailed for 10 months for ramming a police vehicle at the time of escaping from Police in his vehicle, and drink driving.
  • A 32 yr old female from Holbeach has been charged to appear at Boston Magistrates Court after driving 4 times over the legal drink drive limit.
  • 8 immigrants were arrested after being discovered in the back of a lorry at a Peterborough petrol station.
  • A 25 yr old speedway rider form Norfolk has come out of an induced coma after being critically injured at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. Over £5000 has been raised to support him and his family
  • 32 yr old male from March has been jailed for 20 months and banned from driving for 4 years after a dangerous overtake on the A141 near Chatteris left another driver seriously injured.
  • Road closures expected on Double Street and Herring Lane, Spalding for 3 weeks from 16/08/15
  • The brand new road layout for Bourges Boulevard in Peterborough has already been scarred with some graffiti which will cause yet further lane closure and delays to have it removed.
  • 6 vehicle crash near Sawtry on A1(M) northbound left 7 injured, 1 seriously.
  • 71 yr old male driver from Spalding fined £225 and 5 points on licence for failing to stop after an accident, and driving without due care and attention.
  • A vehicle overturned in Bretton on the A47 in Peterborough, leaving 2 females injured.
  • Visitors to Grantham were far from impressed after receiving parking ticket for “not parked within the markings of the bay or space” when it was impossible to see where the lines of the bay were.
  • 2 lorries on A1 southbound near Grantham and Stamford collide and caught fire causing no injuries but road was closed for 24hrs such was the extent of the blaze, causing huge disruption.
  • SKDC has asked employers to check vehicles are displaying proper no smoking signs.
  • Deeping Shopping Centre hosting first ever car boot sale on 16/08/15.
  • Long Sutton resident publicly thanks unknown person for covering car window to prevent her car from rain soaked inside after she mistakenly left it open after receiving a parking ticket.
  • Boston Classic Car Club holds 23rd annual show in Kirton for LIVES charity.
  • Argos in Peterborough are actively seeking 18 new drivers for local deliveries.
  • A stream of accidents on A1 between Colsterworth and Newark is costing £46,000 per day. Police say excessive speed is the cause.
  • 56 yr old driver from Spalding fined £270 for driving without a seatbelt.
  • Revision of 30mph restriction of Station Road in Deeping St James – by 03/09/15
  • Rural Crime Survey 2015 reveals rural crime is costing Lincs £1.8 million. Theft being by far the most costly crime for farmers.
  • Local resident in Spalding raises issue of parking on pavements causing obstruction and problems particularly for vulnerable users of footpaths.
  • Desperate call from Mother in Grantham to Police to help release her trapped baby from inside her car was not acted on. Fire brigade crew eventually arrived to release baby from vehicle.
  • Dower House Hotel in Woodhall Spa is holding a F1 Experience Evening on 11/09/15 for St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice.
  • Bourne hotel manager found guilty of criminal damage to car belonging to partner is fined £750.76 and court costs of £235
  • Local resident in Casterton Road, Stamford appeals for help due to persistent inconsiderate parking causing danger near junction with Perth Road.
  • South Holland Parish Voluntary Car Scheme is appealing for more volunteers to join it’s team of 60 drivers.
  • Elderly people are being warned of a scam where fraudsters are offering to renew driving licences for over 70’s.

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Becka enjoys her Intensive Driving Course in Grantham

grantham BR sign

Big Tom Driving School offers options for an Intensive Driving Course in Grantham.

A big well done goes out to Becka after completing her Intensive Driving Course in Grantham today! She is fed up of the daily bus journey from her home in Colsterworth to her workplace at a legal firm in the centre of Grantham. So she booked herself up to the BIG TOM 30 hour intensive driving course (0800 689 4174 ) which is run from Monday to Sunday for a very cool price of just £899.

This is what she had to say after completing her course today:

“Learnt so much in one week, great guy and he makes you feel at ease, would definitely recommend him to other learners!☺”     Becka Skellett

Big Tom Intensive courses offer superb value and a wide range of driving experiences with different driving conditions. Take Becka’s last day of her course today for example. She wanted to do another mock test first thing, which she passed. She then wanted to go for a drive, so she drove from Grantham, to Corby Glen, to Bourne, to Deeping, to Peterborough (yes, she did Eye roundabout!), then after a pit-stop, on to the new bypass up to Spalding, and back up to Grantham on the A52. Lots of driving experience… the BIG TOM Driving School ethos is “Drive more, to experience more, to learn more” – this is what we did for Becka and we can do the same for you too!

We offer residents in Grantham and the surrounding villages a superb alternative for learning to drive. Book your space now, by contacting us here or direct on 0800 689 4174 .


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Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 01/08/15

Your local Driving School in Bourne gives you all the motoring info around your area…


  • Bourne Police are appealing to young drivers and motorcyclists in the area to show some consideration for residents after many complaints have been received of excessive exhaust noise while speeding around the town at night and into the early hours. Non-urgent complaints to local Police via
  • A very nasty accident involving a cyclist and a red Peugeot at Norman Cross, Peterborough on 23/7/15 at 20.45hrs – witnesses being sought.
  • A 38 yr old male driver from Bourne was convicted for failing to give driver identification and fined £690 and received 6 points on his driving licence.
  • New LED reactive warning signs are being proposed for Grantham’s low bridges after 27 incidents of lorries hitting the bridges in the last 8 months! The high tech idea works by automatically measuring the height of lorries as they approach and giving the drivers a well advanced warning prior to them even getting near the bridge.
  • At a Morton and Hanthorpe Parish Council meeting Councillors have voted NOT to support the traffic light suggestion at the crossroads junction – as previously reported in this blog The financial cost and possible traffic congestion is being given as the reason for the rejection, and instead they are now exploring the possibility of a pedestrian crossing to the north of the crossroads.
  • Brook Street car park in Peterborough will be closed for 2 weeks from 3/8/15.
  • A 67 yr old female driver from Spalding convicted of drink driving received £295 fine and disqualified for 4 years.
  • Further fatalities occurred on A14. The area around Spittals interchange continues to cause many serious problems.
  • Residents of Kedleston Road in Grantham are still suffering with unfinished road surfaces a full 8 years after it was constructed. Complaints have been lodged with the developer concerned Taylor Wimpey for many years. A local councillor who experienced similar issues on the Sunningdale Estate, found that evoking a clause of the S38 agreement under the Highways Act 1980 to the developers concerned (Persimmon Homes) proved to be a very effective means of getting action.
  • Chief Exec of Peterborough based “Marmalade”, an insurance provider specifically for young drivers, has been nominated for an Entrepreneur of the Year award on 10/11/15. He says “We have reduced the risk of our customers being involved in an accident by almost 70% compared to the national average”.
  • Animal welfare charity RSPCA warns that the temperature in a car can rise to 47 degrees even when the outside temperature is as little as 22 degrees; and warn all dog owners to not leave their pets in vehicles.
  • An 86 yr old male driver from Cowbit was convicted of driving without due care and attention and received £180 fines and 6 points on his driving licence.
  • Resurfacing work on the A17 between Holbeach and Long Sutton has caused complaints due to creating very hazardous driving conditions when driving through “fog and mess”. Lincolnshire County Council stated that excessive dust was being created as a result of HGV’s using the newly surfaced road and many of them not keeping to the 20mph speed limit.

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