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Drivers from Overseas

Driving test pass in Peterborough

Leonard from Brazil

Leonard Fonseca De Souza from Peterborough (shown here) joins the growing group of drivers from overseas who have been successful in obtaining their UK driving licence

Leonard is from Sao Paulo in Brazil and is used to observing drivers from overseas, he says “Where I am from, you don’t have the calm and politeness that you do here in the UK.  It’s a very nice place to drive here.”  Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM) was Leonard’s Driving Instructor and says:

“Leonard drove to a high standard this morning.  He should be congratulated for committing just the one driving fault in his 38 minute driving test in Peterborough.  BIG TOM has plenty of experience of assisting drivers from overseas including Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and USA.  Over the years we have built a no-nonsense reputation of assisting overseas drivers obtain their UK driving licence without unnecessary delay.”

BIG TOM Driving School provides 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Peterborough  – we will help you discover how you get your driving licence faster 01733 306 016  or Email HERE


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Tyrells 7 Day Success

Tyrell Charles from Peterborough (shown here) gets a BIG TOM congratulations for passing his driving test at Peterborough Test Centre

Tyrell is over the moon with his achievement of passing his driving test on his first attempt, and immediately said to his BIG TOM Driving Instructor Chris Jubb “Now I can go and buy myself a car!”  Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM) says:

“This is another perfect example of how we get results for our customers.  Tyrell originally made contact with BIG TOM bookings on 4/11/16.  Just 7 days later, he is in possession of his full driving licence.  It goes to show how we work for our customers.  For sure, Tyrell has done very well today, and full credit goes to him, but I think it is yet another example of how BIG TOM has the proven responsiveness to our customers expectations that really does instil confidence in the BIG TOM brand.  This is a great team effort and precisely what our customers want”

BIG TOM Driving School provides 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Peterborough  – we will help you discover how you get your driving licence faster 01733 306 016  or Email HERE


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Learning to drive for Older Drivers

The following feedback is from BIG TOM customers who have, how shall we say it tactfully, more experience of life?  The Department for Transport publish on an annual basis the age groups of candidates taking the driving test.  The latest figures* indicate that over half a million tests took place for 25-45 year olds; 517,733 to be precise.  BIG TOM has plenty of experience in helping more mature pupils learn to drive.  Look at what our customers have said about the service that they received:


“As an older learner and parent, I felt it suited my needs more to do an intensive driving course.  After reading up on them, BIG TOM Driving School was the best choice for me.  Enjoyable, relaxed, friendly experience.  Very good teacher!”  Zoe Parry from Bourne

“I found the BIG TOM 5 day intensive course a huge help very flexible and happy to fit in and around a hectic work schedule, unlike most driving instructors who aren’t as willing to accommodate.The week itself was really insightful and allowed me to build my confidence, ability and knowledge to the point where by I not only passed my test but feel able to drive in any situation. I would happily recommend BIG TOM to absolutely everyone, massive thanks it was great.”  Nick Dobie from Oakham

“Highly recommending Tom and big Tom Driving School and here’s why…. I was NEVER going to be a driver.. NEVER NEVER! Then I found Tom , the only instructor who’s managed to calm me down enough to get out of 2nd gear. I have severe anxiety and also a condition which affects my memory , Tom would teach me things and I would forget but he didn’t ever get stressed with me or even raise his voice … not once! He stayed calm and patient and yesterday I passed my driving test! Tom was never late to a lesson, never on his phone during a lesson. So many other instructors are late, rude and impatient. If you want a driving teacher who takes his job seriously and does everything he can to make you feel ok, then Tom is your guy :)”  Rhiannon Kirby from Grantham

“I am pleased that I passed my driving test with the help of Chris Jubb (Approved BIG TOM Driving Instructor) today. Chris showed me excellent tips which I would not have known myself and these, along with his good manner and patience, helped me immensely. If I have friends who wish to take lessons I will tell them of your driving school and once again many thanks for all.” Shaun Dowdeswell from Spalding

For a respectful learning environment that utilises the useful previous experience that older drivers possess, contact Tara now who is waiting for your call on Freephone 0800 689 4174 (this number is free on mobiles too)

* DfT DRT0203 Apr 15 – Mar 16

We cover Lincoln, Peterborough, Grantham, Spalding, Stamford, Bourne, Boston and Sleaford


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The best 21st birthday present!

Georgia Galloway from Bourne (seen here) celebrates her 21st birthday with a brand new full driving licence.

Georgia needs her licence as she is a busy medical student studying in Scarborough and so she has to do her travelling via expensive and time consuming train journeys.  She is over the moon that she can do her Christmas travel arrangements independently with all the freedom she desires.  Tom Ingram was her BIG TOM driving instructor and says:

“The timing of this could not have been better for Georgia.  It is entirely justified as she has put in a lot of effort into her already busy schedule.  I always feel really pleased for BIG TOM customers when having a full driving licence really does change their life for the better.” 

BIG TOM Driving School provides 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Bourne  – we will help you discover how you get your driving licence faster 01778 309 773  or Email HERE


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High Pass from Intensive Driving Course in Sleaford

Ducati mechanic from Sleaford, Sam Smith, bags his 4 wheel driving licence


Big congratulations are in order to Sam (seen here) for passing his driving test in Grantham today with just 2 minor driving faults.  Sam needs his licence because his employers, motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, are keen to provide him with a work van to increase the range of duties for him.  Tom Ingram was his BIG TOM driving instructor and says:

“I’m really pleased for Sam.  He made full use of the resources that we provide to our customers which went a long way in helping Sam to pass his driving test first time on the 5th day of his BIG TOM intensive driving course.  It doesn’t surprise me at all that he passed his driving test comfortably as he achieved a “clean sheet” on the BIG TOM mock test which is a good indicator that his driving standard is very good.  Sam reserved his course with us on the 8/10/2016 so he is delighted to now have his full car driving licence less than 4 weeks later – this is how BIG TOM consistently benefits our valued customers” 

Sam said the following about his experience with BIG TOM:

“This was a great way to learn how to drive. Tom gave me some brilliant resources to look at prior to my 5 day intensive course. Before starting my lessons, I had no driving experience in a car and by the end of the week, i passed my test first time. He was patient, friendly, helpful and very encouraging. He gave me all the advise and confidence I needed. I highly recommend BIG TOM intensive driving course to anyone whose looking to pass their test.”

BIG TOM Driving School provides 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Sleaford  – we will help you discover how you get your driving licence faster 01529 400 455  or Email HERE


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