40 hour course in 7 days

Lauren Malton from Morton has just completed a 40 hour BIG TOM intensive driving course in 7 days.

This is the beauty with the flexible approach  BIG TOM takes in providing intensive driving courses.  Lauren, who had no previous driving experience wanted to make maximum use of the accelerated learning programme.  She said of her experience:

“Good way to learn quickly to be able to drive, if you have no past experience”

Her driving instructor, Tom Ingram adds:

“When you consider that Lauren had never driven a car on a public road before, her progress was phenomenal. She drove on the A1, she drove on the dual-carriageways and big roundabouts at Peterborough.  She gained invaluable experience driving on the twisty, hilly roads of Grantham in torrential rain.  She also got a lot of hours in driving on country roads.  She went over to Whittlesey, Thorney and Corby Glen.  All in all, I’m delighted with the progress that she made.”

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