5 Day Driving Course Grantham – Mock Test

The BIG TOM 5 day driving course Grantham (01476 850 050 ) is designed with one eye on the driving test and one eye on safe driving after the test. This blog explores how our customers benefit from our service of accurately assessing how ready they are to take and pass the driving test.

Here in this video is an authentic test route currently being used at Grantham – it is picked entirely at random. But in our experience of providing our 5 day driving course Grantham, it is unwise to robotically drive round test routes. We could bore our customers to tears and endlessly drive round the routes, but we chose not to. At BIG TOM we observe over 95% of the driving tests our customers take. Sitting in the test centre while a customer takes a test means we don’t keep up to date on the routes, we don’t maintain our knowledge of the driving test standard, how it is assessed by examiners, we would not even be able to accurately feedback any observations with either good or bad examples for our customer.

And one other crucial benefit is that at BIG TOM we can be confident that when we provide a mock test for our customers, we are truly providing an accurate role play of how the test is carried out – we use the same terminology the examiners’ use, the same routes, the same marking scheme, and the same timing. Our customers are given the opportunity to be properly prepared for the driving test. An example of how we can afford to be so confident in our mock tests is that since 2009, only on one occasion has a customer failed a BIG TOM mock test, and gone on to take a driving test and pass it. In all other instances, a failed BIG TOM mock test, has resulted in a failed driving test. As such, our customers can be assured that when they employ our services, they are getting a professional, up to date and accurate service. Of course, our customers have every right to decline our advice, but they do so in the knowledge that we have offered our considered opinion based on experience and knowledge, rather than simply a subjective best guess.

It is a winning formula, it leads to higher pass rates, more informed customers, increased trust and reliance in our brand, and ultimately better prepared drivers for the driving test.

We know we are not the cheapest provider for a 5 day driving course in Grantham, but we use dedicated local driving instructors, passionate about standards, and striving to help you achieve success – our customers rightly receive a high standard of training.

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