Lockdown 2 has arrived – and we have a pause to in-car training

BIG TOM driving school has stopped providing in-car driving training for this second lockdown but customers should still be aware that the support, resources and advice provided by BIG TOM Admin is still active and our social media platforms are still operating.  A big thanks go to all of our customers for their efforts at keeping things safe since the previous lockdown.  We are very pleased to report that throughout the last few months of trading, we did not have a single cancellation due to infection or isolation.  The BIG TOM covid-safe practices for in-car training proved to be effective throughout.

BIG TOM Admin is still operating to offer advice to any customers considering our intensive driving courses.  Bookings are still being made for the new year.  This period of time leading up to Christmas can be used very effectively to maximise the possibility of a successful theory test pass.  If any existing intensive course customers want support with their theory study, this is the ideal time to make use of the free, unlimited online theory study support that is provided on a 1:1 basis.  These sessions are live, personalised to your needs and have the advantage of being interactive where you can engage in understanding the knowledge of road signs, rules of the road etc, but also, you are given insight into how the theory actually applies to real-life driving situations.

Stay safe everyone. Keep hold of your driving dreams, hopefully this is just a little pause.



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