Congratulations go to Dulan who passed his driving test this morning in Grantham on his first attempt with just one driving error.

Dulan purchased the BIG TOM 5 day intensive driving course from Monday 27th November to Friday 1st December but when it came to the last day of his in-car training, unfortunately, his driving test was cancelled at the last minute by the DVSA due to fog in Grantham. It was quite bizarre as the weather forecasts were indicating bright sunshine at the time of his test which was 3.29 pm but actually, there was thick fog all around.

When this happens the DVSA email an alternative date for the replacement driving test which for Dulan was today.  So in effect, Dulan managed to turn it all around in 11 days and that includes a rescheduled test due to fog.  Which is still not bad going!

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