BIG TOM is now pleased to announce a new service to all customers by providing an authentic mock driving test for just £49.99. Call 01928 508 833.

Knowing if the timing is right for you to be doing a formal driving test is vitally important. If you were to go to test too early, not only could it be unsafe, but also it can affect your confidence levels and possibly motivation. Driving examiners on formal driving tests are not in the capacity of “supervising” a driver, that is not their responsibility: they are there to assess your driving ability.  Therefore, if you were to go to test too soon, either in your own car or a driving school car, then it is not the examiners duty to supervise what you do – if they feel that your standard of driving is unsafe, they can abort the driving test which means you and the examiner leave the car parked, and walk back to the driving test centre (driving examiners are not insured to drive the vehicle).

The national driving test pass rate average remains at below 50% which tends to suggest that people are still going to test far too soon. Statistically, the probability of passing a driving test is less than the flick of a coin. By undertaking an authentic, accurately graded mock test, it will give you a better understanding of your driving ability which is based on objective assessment by a professional, rather than merely your own opinion.

A detailed study conducted in 1999 by psychologists David Dunning & Justin Kruger discovered that when we all learn a new subject, we tend to naturally overestimate our ability when the ability is relatively speaking low to what it could be. In other words, we tend not to realise what we don’t know, and we assume (often with very little competence or experience) that we are more able than in fact we are. This is referred to as the “Dunning Kruger effect” and is globally acknowledged as being a natural occurrence, but fundamental mistake for learners to make. What is particularly unhelpful when we specifically look at driving ability, is that we will often draw conclusions about our driving ability by judging it against other poor driving. Consequently, whether it be a correct assessment or not of our own driving ability it is very often made by comparing to an already low standard – a standard that would not pass a driving test. Learner drivers may also have already qualified drivers advising them to “give it a go”, “you won’t know unless you try” or peers with other remarks like “if he can pass the driving test, then surely you can too”, that tend to overlook assessing the actual driving ability. The mistake very often made, even if it is understandable, is that ability is assessed using our emotions rather than using an objective assessment.  Unlike academic exams, the standard achieved when learning to drive will have long-lasting effects on your ability to safely drive independently.

BIG TOM has been providing this mock test service exclusively to BIG TOM customers for several years, but now, anyone is able to utilise this benefit. Whether you want a second opinion to your current driving instructor, or perhaps you have been doing private lessons with friends/family and want to know how you are getting on. The mock test can be completed in your own private car* or a BIG TOM driving school car (manual only). The pick up/drop off is from your chosen driving test centre** and the session will last 1 hour (40 minutes for the mock test + 20 minutes feedback of the result).  The service is limited to conducting and assessing a mock test, it is not intended to advise if a person should be going to test or not as we will not be aware of the extent or quality of the training programme previously undertaken.

BIG TOM is able to provide very accurate grading of driving faults as to how the severity of fault would be graded on a normal driving test with an examiner. This is due to the experience accrued over several years and having observed dozens of driving tests in numerous locations.  The following locations are available: Lincoln, Peterborough, Grantham, Melton Mowbray, Boston.  As well as the verbal feedback, you will be provided with a written driving test record detailing any faults committed, where/when, and a description. You can keep this record and utilise it to then improve your driving standard with focussed practice in key driving skills.

You are able to select the 20 minute independent drive to be either sat nav (80% of tests) or following signs (20% of tests), an emergency stop (1 in 3 tests) and also whether you want one random manoeuvre or one of every possible manoeuvre that may come up on an actual driving test. We can offer you our advice regarding what is included at the time of booking.

* Subject to adequate insurance cover
**If you would prefer to receive a mock driving test but not physically attend a DVSA driving test centre, this is possible but please be aware this would NOT be utilising normal driving test routes. Still apply by calling 01928 508 833 or email